List of Chinese language schools in Taiwan

Taiwan has long been a destination for foreign learners of Chinese and is home to many Chinese language schools. Several schools also offer courses in Taiwanese, or less commonly Hakka and Cantonese.

School NameInstitute Name[1]DistrictCity
Taiwan Mandarin InstituteChinese Language Center[2]Da'an DistrictTaipei
National Chengchi UniversityChinese Language Center[3]Wenshan DistrictTaipei
National Cheng Kung UniversityChinese Language Center[4] Tainan
National Chiao Tung UniversityChinese Language Center[5]East DistrictHsinchu
National Chiayi UniversityLanguage Center[6] Chiayi City
National Chung Hsing UniversityThe Language Center [7] South DistrictTaichung
National Ping Tung University of EducationLanguage Center[8] Pingtung
National Sun Yat-Sen UniversityChinese Language Center[9]Gushan DistrictKaohsiung
National Taichung University of EducationChinese Language Center[10]West District, TaichungTaichung
National Taipei University of EducationChinese Language Education Center[11]Da'an DistrictTaipei
National Taiwan UniversityInternational Chinese Language Program[12]Da'an DistrictTaipei
National Taiwan Normal UniversityMandarin Training Center[13]Da'an DistrictTaipei
Providence UniversityChinese Language Education Center[14]ShaluTaichung
Taiwan Chinese Academy[15] Da'an DistrictTaipei
Taipei Language Institute[16] Zhongzheng DistrictTaipei
Taiwan Mandarin Institute[17] Da'an DistrictTaipei
Tamkang UniversityChinese Language Center[18]Tamsui DistrictNew Taipei
Tunghai UniversityChinese Language Center[19] Xitun DistrictTaichung
Tzu Chi UniversityChinese Language CenterHualien CityHualien County
Shih Chien UniversityChinese Language Center[20]Dazhi DistrictTaipei


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