List of Chicago Bears first-round draft picks

The Chicago Bears are an American football franchise based in Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the National Football Conference (NFC) North division in the National Football League (NFL).[1] They participated in the first ever NFL draft in 1936 and selected Joe Stydahar, a tackle from the West Virginia University. Stydahar went to have a stellar career with the franchise and is inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The team's most recent first round selection (2015) was Leonard Floyd, a defensive tackle from Georgia. The Bears have not had first round selections a total of six times, most recently in 2010 draft.[2] The Bears have only selected the number one overall pick in the draft twice, choosing Tom Harmon in 1941 and Bob Fenimore in 1947. The team's six selections from the University of Texas are the most chosen by the Bears from one program. Nine of the first round selections have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Every year during April, each NFL franchise seeks to add new players to its roster through a collegiate draft known as "the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting", which is more commonly known as the NFL Draft. The NFL Draft, as a whole, gives the advantage to the teams that did poorly the previous season. The 30 teams that did not make the Super Bowl are ranked in order so the team with the worst record picks first and the team with the best record pick last. The two exceptions to this inverse order are made for teams that appeared in the previous Super Bowl; the Super Bowl champion selects 32nd overall, and the Super Bowl loser selects 31st overall. If the franchise so chooses, they may trade their draft picks for any combination of draft picks, players, and money.[3]

Player selections

Joe Stydahar was the Bears' first ever first round pick in 1936.
Brian Urlacher was selected by the Bears in 2000 in the first round.
Rex Grossman is the most recent quarterback selected in the first round by the Bears in 2003.
Cedric Benson was selected in 2004 by the team with the 4th overall pick.
Greg Olsen was the Bears first round pick in 2007.
Gabe Carimi was selected in the first round in 2011.
 *  Selected with 1st overall pick
   Inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame[4]
Year Pick Player name Position College Notes
1936 6 Stydahar, JoeJoe Stydahar OT West Virginia
1937 6 McDonald, LesLes McDonald End Nebraska
1938 10 Gray, JoeJoe Gray HB Oregon State
1939 2 Luckman, SidSid Luckman QB Columbia [a]
1939 6 Osmanski, BillBill Osmanski FB Holy Cross
1940 7 Turner, ClydeClyde Turner C/LB Hardin-Simmons
1941 1 Harmon, TomTom Harmon* HB Michigan [b]
1941 3 Standlee, NormNorm Standlee FB Stanford [c]
1941 9 Scott, DonDon Scott HB Ohio State
1942 10 Albert, FrankieFrankie Albert QB Stanford
1943 9 Steuber, BobBob Steuber HB Missouri/DePauw
1944 9 Evans, RayRay Evans HB Kansas
1945 11 Lund, DonDon Lund HB Michigan
1946 4 Lujack, JohnnyJohnny Lujack QB Notre Dame
1947 1 Fenimore, BobBob Fenimore* HB Oklahoma State [d]
1947 11 Kindt, DickDick Kindt HB Wisconsin
1948 3 Layne, BobbyBobby Layne QB Texas [e]
1948 10[5] Bumgardner, MaxMax Bumgardner DE Texas
1949 11[6] Harris, DickDick Harris C Texas
1950 3 Hunsinger, ChuckChuck Hunsinger HB Florida [f]
1950 10 Morrison, FredFred Morrison HB Ohio State
1951 2[7] Williams, BobBob Williams QB Notre Dame [g]
1951 10 Stone, BillyBilly Stone HB Bradley [h]
1951 12[8] Schroeder, GeneGene Schroeder DE/DB Virginia
1952 8 Dooley, JimJim Dooley B/E/FL/TE Miami
1953 6[9] Anderson, BillyBilly Anderson HB/DB[9] Compton JC[9]
1954 6 Wallace, StanStan Wallace HB Illinois
1955 11 Drzewiecki, RonRon Drzewiecki HB Marquette
1956 10 Schriewer, MenanMenan Schriewer End Texas
1957 13 Leggett, EarlEarl Leggett DT Louisiana State
1958 7 Howley, ChuckChuck Howley LB/G West Virginia
1959 7 Clark, DonDon Clark HB Ohio State
1960 7 Davis, RogerRoger Davis G Syracuse
1961 5 Ditka, MikeMike Ditka TE Pittsburgh
1962 7 Bull, RonnieRonnie Bull HB Baylor
1963 11 Behrman, DaveDave Behrman C Michigan State [i]
1964 14 Evey, DickDick Evey DT Tennessee
1965 3 Butkus, DickDick Butkus LB Illinois [j]
1965 4 Sayers, GaleGale Sayers HB Kansas
1965 6 DeLong, SteveSteve DeLong DE Tennessee [k]
1966 12 Rice, GeorgeGeorge Rice DT Louisiana State
1967 10 Phillips, LoydLoyd Phillips DE Arkansas
1968 16 Hull, MikeMike Hull HB Southern California
1969 14 Mayes, RufusRufus Mayes OT Ohio State
1970 No Pick [l]
1971 11 Moore, JoeJoe Moore HB Missouri
1972 3 Antoine, LionelLionel Antoine OT Southern Illinois [m]
1972 12 Clemons, CraigCraig Clemons S/DB Iowa
1973 8 Chambers, WallyWally Chambers DT Eastern Kentucky
1974 4 Bryant, WaymondWaymond Bryant LB Tennessee State
1974 20 Gallagher, DaveDave Gallagher DE Michigan [n]
1975 4 Payton, WalterWalter Payton HB Jackson State
1976 8 Lick, DennisDennis Lick OT Wisconsin [o]
1977 15 Albrecht, TedTed Albrecht OT California
1978 No Pick [p]
1979 4 Hampton, DanDan Hampton DT Arkansas [q]
1979 9 Harris, AlAl Harris DE Arizona State
1980 19 Wilson, OtisOtis Wilson LB Louisville
1981 11 Van Horne, KeithKeith Van Horne OT Southern California
1982 5 McMahon, JimJim McMahon QB Brigham Young
1983 6 Covert, JimJim Covert OT Pittsburgh
1983 18 Gault, WillieWillie Gault WR Tennessee [r]
1984 11 Marshall, WilberWilber Marshall LB Florida
1985 22 Perry, WilliamWilliam Perry DT Clemson
1986 27 Anderson, NealNeal Anderson HB Florida
1987 26 Harbaugh, JimJim Harbaugh QB Michigan
1988 23 Muster, BradBrad Muster FB Stanford
1988 27 Davis, WendellWendell Davis WR Louisiana State [s]
1989 11 Woolford, DonnellDonnell Woolford DB Clemson
1989 12 Armstrong, TraceTrace Armstrong DE Florida [s]
1990 6 Carrier, MarkMark Carrier S Southern California
1991 22 Thomas, StanStan Thomas OT Texas
1992 22 Spellman, AlonzoAlonzo Spellman DE Ohio State
1993 7 Conway, CurtisCurtis Conway WR Southern California
1994 11 Thierry, JohnJohn Thierry DE Alcorn State
1995 21 Salaam, RashaanRashaan Salaam HB Colorado
1996 13 Harris, WaltWalt Harris DB Mississippi State
1997 No Pick [t]
1998 5 Enis, CurtisCurtis Enis HB Penn State
1999 12 McNown, CadeCade McNown QB UCLA [u]
2000 9 Urlacher, BrianBrian Urlacher LB/S New Mexico
2001 8 Terrell, DavidDavid Terrell WR Michigan
2002 29 Colombo, MarcMarc Colombo OT Boston College
2003 14 Haynes, MichaelMichael Haynes DE Penn State [v]
2003 22 Grossman, RexRex Grossman QB Florida [v]
2004 14 Harris, TommieTommie Harris DT Oklahoma
2005 4 Benson, CedricCedric Benson HB Texas
2006 No Pick [w]
2007 31 Olsen, GregGreg Olsen TE Miami
2008 14 Williams, ChrisChris Williams OT Vanderbilt
2009 No Pick [x]
2010 No Pick [x]
2011 29 Carimi, GabeGabe Carimi OT Wisconsin
2012 19 McClellin, SheaShea McClellin DE Boise State
2013 20 Long, KyleKyle Long OT Oregon
2014 14 Fuller, KyleKyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech
2015 7 White, KevinKevin White WR West Virginia
2016 9 Floyd, LeonardLeonard Floyd LB Georgia


  • a Luckman was initially drafted by Pittsburgh Pirates but immediately traded to Bears. Prior to the 1938 season, the Chicago Bears made a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates.[10] In this trade, Chicago took over the contract of end Ed Manske and Pittsburgh sent the rights to their pick (Luckman) in exchange.[11]
  • b Pick acquired from the Philadelphia Eagles.[12]
  • c Pick acquired from the Pittsburgh Steelers.[12]
  • d Pick was a lottery bonus pick.[13]
  • e Pick acquired from Detroit through Pittsburgh.[14]
  • f Acquired from New York Bulldogs.[15]
  • g Acquired from the Baltimore Colts.[16]
  • h Acquired from the Baltimore Colts.[16]
  • i Pick acquired from Pittsburgh Steelers.[17]
  • j Pick acquired from Pittsburgh Steelers.[18]
  • k Pick acquired from Washington Redskins.[18]
  • l Second overall selection traded to Green Bay Packers (who selected Mike McCoy) for Bob Hyland, Elijah Pitts, Lee Roy Caffey.[19]
  • m Pick acquired from New York Giants.[20]
  • n Acquired from Washington Redskins through Los Angeles Rams.[21]
  • o Pick acquired from Green Bay through Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions. Bears, in exchange, sent 1976 10th overall pick (James Hunter) and 68th overall pick (Russ Bolinger) to Lions.
  • p Bears traded 1978 20th overall pick (eventually Elvis Peacock) to Cleveland Browns for Mike Phipps.
  • q Bears traded Wally Chambers to Tampa Bay Buccaneers for this pick and Bobby Moore (player named later).[22]
  • r Pick acquired from Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Bears traded 1982 second round selection (32nd overall Booker Reese) to Tampa Bay for a 1983 first round selection (18th overall Willie Gault).[23]
  • s Bears acquired 1988 27th overall pick (Wendell Davis) and 1989's 12th selection (Trace Armstrong) from the Washington Redskins as compensation for Washington signing free agent Wilbur Marshall.[24]
  • t Bears traded 1997 first round selection (11th overall) to the Seattle Seahawks for Rick Mirer.[25]
  • u Bears traded 1999 first round pick (7th overall) to the Washington Redskins for their 1999 first round pick (12th overall), 1999 third round pick (71 overall), 1999 fourth round pick (106 overall), 1999 fifth round pick (144 overall), and 2000 third round pick (87 overall).
  • v Bears traded their 2003 first round selection (4 overall) to the New York Jets for 2 2003 first round selections (13 and 22 overall) and 2003 fourth round pick (116 overall).[26] The Bears then traded 2003 13th overall pick to the New England Patriots for 2003 14th overall pick and a 2003 sixth round pick (193 overall).
  • w Bears traded 2006 first round pick (26 overall) to Buffalo Bills for 2006 second round pick (42 overall), and 2006 third round pick (73 overall).[27]
  • x Bears traded Kyle Orton, first round picks in 2009 (18th overall) and 2010 (11 overall), and 2009 3rd round pick (84 overall) to the Denver Broncos for Jay Cutler and a 2009 fifth round pick (140 overall) which was used by the Bears to select Johnny Knox.[2]


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