List of Bulletman enemies

During their career, Bulletman and Bulletgirl have met many enemies.

The Black Rat

A superstrong and durable criminal in a black rat costume, who is feared by many criminals. In All-American Comics #2 he was thrown into a vat of molten steel in a fight with Bulletman and apparently killed.

The Black Spider

Only appearing in Bulletman #1. A masked criminal boss with a pet venomous spider, Suzy, who is trying to murder people who sent him to jail, and nearly succeeds in killing Seargent Kent after kidnapping him. It is revealed he is Jules Rey, a Frenchman who was sent to prison, went blind, and made friends with the spiders who crawled through the walls. However he is killed.

The Comedian

Graves, the Butler to a wealthy comedian, who sends death threats to him, causing Bulletman and Bulletgirl to be called. He kidnaps the man, causing the Flying Detectives to search the house, before finally finding a hidden passage. They get through, but find traps in there, however they get through. Some skeletal hands seize Bulletgirl's throat from behind, preventing her from speaking, and drag her away without Bulletman noticing. They finally meet each other again. They find the Comedian tied to a pole and gagged in a room. They are told two sheets of glass containing acid block their way. Bulletman breaks a small hole in the glass, then he and Bulletgirl remain in the air until the acid has run out. They then free the man, and chase a masked villain. Finally they capture and unmask him, revealing himself to be the Butler.


A criminal who is a genius in mechanics. He is defeated by Bulletman, but returns in Bulletman #12 with a robot and robot dog. However he is beaten again.

Dr. Mood

Only appearing in Bulletman #1. A bald ugly-faced Nazi spy with a monocle who kidnaps and murders an Admiral, then tries to engineer an invasion of New York with a hidden tank battalion, and become Dictator of America while Hitler rules Europe. His men captured Bulletgirl after knocking her out by running over her with a tank. They tied her hands and tried to lower her into a fiery pit. However the tank battalion was defeated, Bulletman rescued Bulletgirl, and Mood was jailed.

Doctor Riddle

A hunchbacked criminal who leaves riddles in connection to his crimes. First appeared in Bulletman #6. in his first appearance he causes crimes around the city, beginning with the murder of a millionaire, and leaves riddles for clues to them, like 'What has 18 legs and catches flies?' Answer: A baseball team which he tries to rob. His final plan is to convert an new Observatory telescope to burn all the inhabitants of Boston to death, but which will leave gold intact. However, Bulletman and Bulletgirl have solved an earlier riddle and leave a riddle for him, then reveals the answers are his fists and knocks Doctor Riddle of a building, although it is later revealed he survived. He later teamed up with the second Weeper in Mary Marvel #8. Susan Kent (a.k.a. Bulletgirl) attends Mary Batson's high school graduation. While the two young heroines are walking a noose is thrown around Susan's neck from a second-story window. Susan is pulled into the window by her old enemy Doctor Riddle and his new ally, the Weeper II! Mary says her magic world, transforming into Mary Marvel, and saves Susan. Doctor Riddle leaves a riddle, luring them to an asylum where they are both captured and trapped in an airtight cell, however they are able to escape. Bulletgirl and Mary Marvel eventually apprehend the evil duo.

The Dome

A criminal who is on trial for murdering someone and stealing a jewel necklace. He pretends to be insane by making paper dolls and acting happy, so is taken to an asylum. While some doctors are examining him, he uses his abnormally strong head to break out by ramming a guard and breaking open the walls. Sergeant Kent, his daughter and Jim are unable to stop the Dome, but Jim and Susan then change to Bulletman and Bulletgirl. There Dome jumps of a cliff but lands on his head and survives. He then tells his men they must find a mama doll in a blue dress. He starts taking the dolls and tearing their heads off, leading to the story title of The Doll Killers. When a man says he will call the police, he is shot dead. Bulletman puts an ad in the paper of a second-hand doll, calling himself Namtellub, Bulletman backwards. When the men rush in, they are met by Bulletgirl, who changes into her outfit before Bulletman appears. However, Bulletman's blow does not match the Dome, who matches their heads, knocking the helmet off and stuns Bulletman. He then knocks Bulletgirl out with a wood plank from behind. Their hands are tied and they are each placed on chairs, with nooses around their necks attached to a chandelier. If one gets of the chair, they will hang the other. The Dome leaves, saying they have given him an idea, but Bulletman sees the chandelier does not look so strong. At his plan they jump together, and the chandelier breaks. They recover their helmets and fly after the Dome. Bulletman realises he has gone to a Second-hand store. The Dome smashes open many dolls, and when the Flying Detectives enter he charges at Bulletman, but he dodges making the Dome hit an iron pole. He beats him up and the clerk hits him with a doll which breaks open, revealing a diamond necklace. He hid it in there when he was trapped by the Police, but forgot to mark it.

The Engraver

Only appearing in Bulletman #6. Disguised as a Swami he apparently gives money away to people, however they are forgeries, as the flying detectives discover after attending a performance. The 'Swami' takes the real change for the money and gives forgeries. They attack him, but he escapes by removing his Swami outfit then giving them false information. They track him down by analysing the ink and going somewhere which has ordered a lot of the ink type, but are captured after Bulletgirl tries to save a falling crook, but is hit on the head with an ink bottle, and when Bulletman sees if she is all right he is seized, and they both have their hands tied while the Engraver tries to kill them by filling the room with gas. Bulletman frees himself on glass shards, breaks open a window for air as Bulletgirl has nearly been overcome, then frees Bulletgirl. They track the Engraver to a floating casino, as Bulletman releases they were bound with sailor's knots, both the thugs are killed, and the Engraver later falls to his death in a furnace after tripping over.

The Fat Fiend

Only appearing in Bulletman #6. An overweight murderer who commits brutal murders and has enormous strength and durability, but a hatred of being called fat, poisoning two boys who call him this with a quarter dipped in poison. Captures Bulletgirl after yanking of her helmet and tries to poison her, but she is rescued by Bulletman after he finds her helmet and realises she has been captured who fights the Fat Fiend but stops to help Bulletgirl, however while trying to escape the Fat Fiend trips over her helmet and is captured.

Fatzo Gutz

A gluttonous criminal recently released from Jail, who decides to continue his criminal career. Soon after, safes start being robbed, despite guards outside saying they have seen the safes closed during the time they were robbed. Bulletman and Bulletgirl investigate, however Buletgirl is captured by the criminals. They tie her up and gag her in an apartment. She sees Bulletman flying by and alerts him by kicking a water pipe open. He ungags her and finds that Fatzo plans to use her as a hostage. She agrees to remain there so Bulletman can catch Fatzo, so he regags her and leaves the room. Later she is driven in a truck to another store. Fatzo reveals a prop safe is put up to cover the sight of the real safe being robbed. Bulletman attacks the two crooks however. Fatzo runs to the truck, but Bulletgirl frees and ungags herself, revealing Bulletman tied her up with a slip knot. Bulletman gives her her helmet and Gutz is arrested again.

Invisible Man

Only appearing in All-American Comics #2. A criminal who discovers a way to become invisible and commits crimes. However Bulletman and Bulletgirl discover his hideout in a cave and capture him.

Man of the Ages

Only appearing in Americas Greatest Comics Issue #3. About a million years ago a criminal is thrown into the chasm of death, though he claims he will live for as long as evil does. In 1942 a man at a Zoo releases the lions. Jim Barr hears this and changes into Bulletman, who stops the lions but the Man fires a gun at him, releasing blue poison gas, that would have killed an ordinary man, but only knocks Bulletman out. The Man of the Ages then goes to a dam, kills a workman, and meets Bulletman again. This time Bulletman uses a spanner to knock the gun from his hand. The Man of the Ages has his head hit with enough force to split the skull of an Ox and pretends to be unconscious. When Bulletman goes to him he is hit with both feet and knocked out. The Man of the Ages then goes to get enough dynamite to blow up the dam and kill the people in the town below. Bulletgirl finds the dead workman and wakes up Bulletman, who orders her to use the whistle to warn the people, who start moving to higher ground. The Man of the Ages hears the whistle and tries to work harder with the dynamite, but is knocked into the water by Bulletman, who says he may return in a future age.

The Man who was dressed to kill

He only appears in Bulletman #6. A criminal who uses deadly gadgets disguised as ordinary things, a hidden poison dart shooter and an electrocuting cane, he commits crimes and murders, but is captured by Bulletman and Bulletgirl, although he nearly kills Bulletgirl with his poison, and she is only saved by Bulletman inventing an antidote from analyzing its use on an earlier victim. While trying to escape, he is shot by Sergeant Kent and killed. However he later returns.

Matt and Lunk

Only appearing in Master Comics #81. Two crooks who decide to impersonate British bibliophiles who are checking an original Shakespeare volume worth $100,000. They pretend to be drivers, then knock out the two, stealing their clothes and papers. Bulletman realizes they are fakes and with Bulletgirl follows them back to their Hotel, where the Bibliophiles are bound and gagged. However as Bulletgirl comes in a knife is thrown which cuts a rope and makes the window fall onto Bulletgirl's neck, trapping her. Bulletman tries to help her but is knocked out from behind. He and Bulletgirl are then bound and gagged, and the crooks leave. However Bulletman knocks the knife in the wall down, cutting his hands free. He unties himself, then Bulletgirl and stops the criminals. He reveals he knew the crooks were fakes as they claimed to be using a car from Britain, but the steering wheel was on the wrong side.

'Midas' Malone

Only appearing in Bulletman #4. A greedy criminal who after engineering a jailbreak with the aid of henchmen disguised as or who are guards takes refuge in a castle and captures Bulletman with a silent cannon fired by compressed air that knocks his helmet off, throws him in a dungeon, then causes a crime spree. Bulletgirl rescues her partner after she sees and follows one of the gang causing Bulletman's helmet and Bulletman causes the air cannon to explode in the face of 'the greediest man in America.' Midas is either killed or jailed.

The Mocker

Only appearing in Bulletman #6. An Actor who mocks a stage performer before finally killing him. However he is caught by the Flying Detectives.

Mr Ego

Only appearing in Bulletman #8. An egotistic criminal mastermind who performs crimes around the city after revealing their location to the police and hates anybody else acting like they are commanding him. He plans to capture Bulletman after kidnapping a Millionaire's son by giving him a poisoned sweet, then having his men dress up as ambulance drivers. He captures Bulletman using an electromagnet that gets his helmet off, then binds and gags him and leaves to commit a crime, leaving one of his henchmen to shoot him. However Bulletgirl rescues him, revealing she taped her helmet on with adhesive tape to get past the electromagnet. He then tries to rob a train of platinum by turning a tank of water into powerful acid then using a bomb to send it onto the train. The Flying Detectives attack his gang so he shoots them and tries to escape on a handcar. However he does not notice a train and is thrown of a bridge into the waters below, where he probably drowns.

The Murder Prophet

A criminal who makes prophecys of doom, then fulfills them. First appears in Bulletman #6 where he tells his prophecys to a crooked newspaper editor. When Bulletman goes after him he throws Bulletgirl of a building to delay him. Apparently killed in Bulletman #7 when a radio in the Revenge Syndicate's base short-circuited and caused a fire.

The Revenge Syndicate

A villain team which appeared only once in Bulletman #7 (September 16, 1942). The Revenge Syndicate was started by the Murder Prophet and joined by the Weeper and the Black Rat. At first they were at odds with each one wanting to be the chief of the group. The Weeper came up with the idea that they roll dice to see who would be chief, the person with the highest roll would go first; the person with the second highest would go second; and the person with the third highest would go third.

The Murder Prophet won the first roll. His plan was to rob an art museum, by pretending to be visitors, with the aid of the Black Rat emerging from the sewer with a machine gun. Bulletman and Bulletgirl stopped them, but they escaped.

The Weeper went second. His plan was for the Murder Prophet to pretend to be a psychic at a charity carnival after kidnapping the real one. The Murder Prophet told a superstitious rich woman who was running the carnival to move her money so it would not be stolen. They were going to steal the money while it was being moved and even steal the car. Bulletman and Bulletgirl stopped them after realising their plot. They lifted the car they were in and threw it in the lake. The Black Rat was thrown in also while trying to escape with the loot, but was revived by the cold water, and saved the Murder Prophet and the Weeper.

The three realized that Bulletman had thwarted their plans prior and they needed to eliminate him if they ever wanted to succeed. The Black Rat met several criminals, who agreed to pay $100,000 if he got rid of Bulletman.

The Black Rat went third. His plan was to send out a radio broadcast to lure Bulletman to an abandon shack. They set up a dummy of the Black Rat. Bulletman and Bulletgirl went inside the shack. The Revenge Sundicate went inside and beat up Bulletman. To their surprise Bulletman had set up a dummy of his own. Bulletman and Bulletgirl beat them up and a fire was started when the radio was broken which possibly killed them as nobody got out.


Only appearing in Bulletman #16. A rival to Mr Kaye, President of Acme Construction Co. Head of the Senesco Construction Co. He disguises himself as a worker to sabotage an underwater tunnel Kaye is having built, hoping the city will give him the contract. However Bulletman and Bulletgirl stop him.


First appearing in Master Comics #23. The arch-foe of Bulletman and Bulletgirl, the Weeper is capable of the most brutal of murders, but sheds tears for his victims; he hates to see people happy but feels bad after he hurts them. The Weeper wears a blue opera cape, a top hat and carries a small walking stick and tear gas bombs. He also drives a hearse and is accompanied by his henchman, the Bittermen. After his death in unknown circumstances he was replaced by his son the Weeper II, first appearing in Mary Marvel #8. He was the only one to follow them into DC comics, where he teamed up with the Joker to steal jewels on Earth-S during King Kull's plan to wipe out humanity on all three Earths, but was defeated and jailed with help with Bulletman and Bulletgirl.


Only appearing in Master Comics #36. A villain able to manipulate electricity.

Unholy Three

1941, Master Comics #17. The cunning dwarf Nosey, Herbert the ape, and the hulking Brutus with the strength of 20 are the Unholy Three and under the command of J. Twiddley Fairchild, a long-hair professor type. They went up against Bulletman and Bulletgirl a couple of times. During a prison break, Fairchild is shot and killed (Master Comics 18, 1941) making the three just three. They succeeded in kidnapping Bulletgirl, but Bulletman was able to defeat them.

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