The Real Milli Vanilli

The Real Milli Vanilli
Background information
Also known as Try 'N' B
Origin Germany Munich, Germany
Genres Dance, pop, rap, funk
Years active 1990–1992
Associated acts Milli Vanilli
Past members Brad Howell
John Davis
Jodie Rocco
Linda Rocco

The Real Milli Vanilli was the name of a music group which contained some of the original singers from Milli VanilliBrad Howell, John Davis, Jodie Rocco, and Linda Rocco. However, new singers (Gina Mohammed and Ray Horton) were added to the group, as well as several "special guests" who performed on one or two tracks, including Tammy T, Icy Bro, and B-Sho'-Rockin'.

The group's only album was originally meant to be Milli Vanilli's second album, but the news about Rob and Fab not having sung on the first album and lip syncing during live performances broke before it could be released. Frank Farian reformed the group under the name "The Real Milli Vanilli". The cover was changed to feature Brad Howell, Icy Bro, Ray Horton, Gina Mohammed, and John Davis. The album title was also changed; instead of Keep On Running it was now called The Moment of Truth.

The album The Moment of Truth was released only in Brazil, Europe, Asia and New Zealand and reached the top 20 in Germany. The Real Milli Vanilli also released three singles, one of which ("Keep On Running") made it to #4 in the German charts.[1]

An alternative album containing 7 of the songs from The Moment of Truth were reworked and included in an album credited to Try 'N' B (an alternate name for The Real Milli Vanilli) and the album retitled as Try 'N' B as well. It contains in addition to 7 songs from The Moment of Truth, three additional recordings "Ding Dong", "Who Do You Love" and "Sexy Eyes", the latter a remake of Dr. Hook's song.

The song "When I Die" was originally released by The Real Milli Vanilli on their 1991 album The Moment of Truth, and later by Try 'N' B on their 1992 debut album.

Those groups never released the song as a single, and it achieved more exposure when German eurodance group No Mercy covered it. It was released in November 1996 as the third single from their debut album, No Mercy/My Promise. The song reached number-one in Austria and the Netherlands.

As of now, the Real Milli Vanilli have no plans to reform.



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