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Linda Park

Linda Park
Interior artwork from The Flash Secret Files & Origins 1 (November 1997  DC Comics). Art by Phil Jimenez.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Flash (vol. 2) #28 (July 1989)
In-story information
Full name Linda Jasmine Park-West
Partnerships Wally West

Linda Park (also Linda Park-West) is a fictional character in the DC Universe. She is best known as the girlfriend and later wife of Wally West.

Publication history

Linda Park first appeared in Flash vol. 2 #28 and was created by William Messner-Loebs.

Fictional character biography

Linda Park is a Korean-American television reporter for Keystone City and regularly deals with Flash, whom she doesn't like. During their initial meeting she constantly hounds Flash about the recent thousands of dollars of property damage caused by his battle with the Porcupine Man. Despite this, Linda and Wally became friends on her first job for Keystone City’s KFMB Channel 4, when they team up to investigate the Celestial Enlightenment Ranch, a spiritual-retreat scam. After Wally helps Linda deal with her apparent possession by the spirit of an 800-year-old Irish bard named Seamus O’Relkig, they become close and soon begin dating. Flash's love for Linda has brought him back many times from the Speed Force. After many obstacles—such as Wally nearly being killed by the Black Flash and Linda being abducted and all memory of her erased by Abra Kadabra (the last requiring the aid of an alternate version of Wally to return home and convince Kadabra to reverse the spell)—they marry.[1]

She eventually became one of the hosts of the television program The Scene, which is similar to the (real life) program The View. Her co-hosts included Vicki Vale, Tawny Young, and Lia Briggs. Two episodes were shown in which they interviewed Wonder Woman on her career, which was shown in that title comic.[2][3] Shortly after the Wests moved into a new apartment after their old house was destroyed by Magneta, Linda left her journalism career, her relationship with Wally having made her unable to reconcile the public’s right to know against the superheroes’ chance to resolve a situation before people started to panic, instead studying medicine with the intent of becoming a pediatrician.

Linda soon became pregnant with twins, but during the early months of her pregnancy she was attacked by Zoom, which caused her to miscarry the twins.[1] After Zoom was defeated, Wally asked the Spectre (whose host at the time was Wally's longtime friend Hal Jordan) to remove the Flash's identity from everyone, but Jordan's increasing lack of control of the Spectre meant that even Wally and Linda forgot who the Flash was.[1] After she remembered, Linda left to rethink her life. She returned to Wally after taking some time away. A later battle between Zoom and Flash spontaneously restored her pregnancy when Zoom and the Flash travelled back in time to their original battle, Zoom unintentionally taking the brunt of the sonic boom generated by his past self and thus protecting Linda from the worst of the attack, and she gave birth to the twins upon Wally's return to the future.[1][4]

Wally and his family disappear into the speed force. Art by George Pérez.

In Infinite Crisis #4, a battle with Superboy-Prime caused Wally to disappear. He appeared in front of Linda, telling her he is disappearing. Holding the twins, Linda kissed Wally as they disappeared. It was later revealed by Bart Allen, returned by the Speed Force, that Linda is still alive, albeit in an alternate reality living in its version of Keystone City where time flows apparently faster (as shown by Bart reappearing in IC #5, where from his point of view, four years had passed). There, she is raising her twins with her husband.

Recently, seven members of the Pre-Crisis Legion of Super-Heroes were discovered in the 21st Century by the Justice League of America. The seven Legionaries were sent back in time on a secret mission, in which they were to use seven lightning rods, which would be struck by lightning, killing one member and resurrecting another. The Legion was successful in their mission, and surprisingly all seven Legionaries survived. However, there was an unexpected bonus. Wally, Linda, and the twins managed to 'ride' the lightning bolt and return to their homeworld, alive and well. In All Flash #1, the names of the West twins are revealed to be Iris and Jai.

In The Flash #231, it is revealed that, from three months into their "exile", the West family had been living on an alien planet that had previously been saved by the Flash. Linda has extended her medical knowledge with the advanced science of the aliens, thereby gaining the skills necessary to stabilize the speed-related powers of their children.

In "The Flash: Rebirth" miniseries, Linda has apparently returned to her journalist career, as she reports on the festivities in honor of the return of Barry Allen.

Linda and her children are part of the small resistance cell operating out of the 'Hall of Justice' during the events of the Final Crisis.[5]

Following the events of Flashpoint, Wally and Linda's relationship is erased from existence as the 'original' Wally is replaced by a younger, biracial version of himself. However, during DC Rebirth, the 'original' Wally (revealed to be the new Wally's older cousin) returns in his Kid Flash uniform, having been trapped in the Speed Force since Flashpoint until Darkseid's demise disrupted reality enough to allow Wally to escape. He attempts to reach out to his old friends and allies, reaching out to Linda after seeing her attempting to get an interview about the death of the New 52 Superman- Linda stating that she is a reporter for a news site trying to make a reputation to support her mother and pay off her student loans- but his effort to contact Linda fails and disrupts his existence further, as this Linda has no recollection of him. After he is restored to reality following his meeting with Barry, Wally initially decides not to make contact with Linda until he knows more about their enemy, but after he restores the memories of the original Titans, they suggest he talk with Linda.

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Linda Park as she appears in Justice League Unlimited



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