Light flyweight

Light flyweight, also known as junior flyweight or mini flyweight, is a weight class in boxing.

Professional boxing

The weight limit at light flyweight in professional boxing is 108 pounds (49 kilograms). When New York legalized boxing in 1920, the law stipulated a "junior flyweight" class, with a weight limit of 99 pounds. When the National Boxing Association was formed in 1921, it also recognized this weight class. However, on January 19, 1922, the NBA decided to withdraw recognition of the junior flyweight division. On December 31, 1929, the New York State Athletic Commission also abolished the junior flyweight class. No champion had been crowned in this division prior to its abolition.[1]

The World Boxing Council (WBC) decided to resurrect this division in the 1970s. The first champion in this division was Franco Udella, who won the WBC title in 1975. The World Boxing Association also crowned its first champion in 1975, when Jaime Rios defeated Rigoberto Marcano via fifteen-round decision. The first International Boxing Federation champion was Dodie Boy Penalosa, who won the belt in 1983.

The first light flyweight "superfight" took place on March 13, 1993, when Michael Carbajal, the IBF champion, knocked out WBC champion Humberto González to unify the championship. Their rematch, on February 19, 1994, was the first time a light flyweight fighter (Carbajal) made a million dollar purse.

Yuh Myung-woo holds the record for most consecutive title defenses at this division, with 17 defenses of the WBA title.

Professional champions

Current champions

Sanctioning Body Reign Began Champion Record Defenses
WBA December 31, 2014 Japan Ryoichi Taguchi 23-2-1 (10 KO) 2
WBC March 4, 2016 Mexico Ganigan López 27-6 (17 KO) 1
IBF December 29, 2015 Japan Akira Yaegashi 23-5 (12 KO) 0
WBO vacant

Amateur boxing

At the Summer Olympic Games, the division is defined as up to 49 kilograms.

Olympic champions

European Champions

Pan American champions

Notable Light flyweights


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