Liga Argentina de Football

Liga Argentina de Football
Founded 1931 [1]
Folded 1934 (1934) [1]
Headquarters Buenos Aires
FIFA affiliation No

The Liga Argentina de Football (LAF) was a dissident football association of Argentina that organised its own professional championships from 1931 to 1934. The Argentine Football Association (that had remained amateur) did not recognised those championships until both associations were merged in 1934. Currently all the championships organised by the LAF are considered officials by the AFA.[2]


At the beginning of the 1930s the Argentine footballers went on strike claiming for being free agents, due to a tacit agreement among the clubs establishing that none of them could hire a player without prior approval from the body. For that reason, clubs affiliated to Argentine Football Association met to discuss a proposal about creating a professional league.

The Racing Club representatives suggested to create a section with the most notable teams from Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires and La Plata. That proposal was rejected by representatives from clubs outside Buenos Aires, who claimed for more federalisation. Finally, the parts could not reach an agreement, which resulted in a breakage into the Association. On May 19, 1931, "Liga Argentina de Football" was established, becoming the first professional football league ever in Argentina.

On the other hand, the official association (AFA) changed its name to "Asociación Argentina de Football (Amateurs y Profesionales)" and continued organising its own championships[3] from 1931 to 1934, when both associations merged.

Founding members

The professional league was established by the following clubs:


First Division

Season Champion
1931 Boca Juniors
1932 River Plate
1933 San Lorenzo
1934 Boca Juniors

Second Division

The LAF only organised one second division championship in 1934.[4]

Season Champion
1934 River Plate II

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