Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man

Lieutenant Governor of The Isle of Man

Coat of Arms of The Isle of Man
Sir Richard Gozney

since 27 May 2016
Style His Excellency
Residence Government House, Isle of Man
Appointer British monarch
Term length At His/Her Majesty's pleasure
Formation 1773
First holder Henry Hope
Standard of the Lieutenant Governor
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The Lieutenant Governor (Manx: Fo-chiannoort) is the representative on the Isle of Man of the Lord of Mann (currently Queen Elizabeth II). He/she has the power to grant royal assent and is styled His Excellency. In recent times the Governor has either been a retired diplomat or senior military officer. No Manx-born person has ever been appointed Lieutenant Governor, although Manx-born First Deemsters (ex officio Deputy Governors) have taken on the role during the transition of power between Governors, and during periods when the Lieutenant Governor is off-Island.

The official residence of the Governor is Government House, Governor's Road, Onchan.

Lieutenant Governor's Speech, Tynwald Day.

Previously the Lieutenant Governor wielded all judicial, fiscal and executive power and c. 1900 had more power over his realms than any other Commonwealth leader. However, he lost his role as Head of the Judiciary in 1921,[1] as Head of Government in 1961,[2] as President of the Legislative Council in 1980 and finally as President of Tynwald in 1990.[1] Today the role of Lieutenant Governor is essentially ceremonial, although certain powers under Isle of Man legislation do still fall to the Governor or Governor-in-Council (a decision on the advice, and with the approval of, the Council of Ministers).

Proposed change to title

In October 2005 Tynwald sought to change the title of the Lieutenant Governor to Crown Commissioner.[3] This proposal was sent to the British Department of Constitutional Affairs for submission to the Lord of Mann Elizabeth II for approval. However, in April 2006, after much public disapproval, Tynwald rejected their own proposal and withdrew their request for royal assent. Thus the Lieutenant Governor will remain as currently titled.


Before 2010 the Lieutenant Governor was appointed by the Crown on the advice of a panel led by the Government of the United Kingdom. In July 2010 the Government of the Isle of Man announced[4] that the next Lieutenant Governor would be appointed on advice of an entirely local panel, comprising the Chief Minister, President of Tynwald and the First Deemster. The new procedure was used for the first time a few months later to choose Sir Paul Haddack's successor.

On 16 November 2010 the Isle of Man Government announced the appointment[5] by the Crown of former UK diplomat Adam Wood as the next Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man. His term was scheduled to start on 4 April 2011; he was officially sworn into office on 7 April 2011 at Castle Rushen in Castletown.[6]

List of Lieutenant Governors

Lieutenant Governors have been as follows:[7]


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