Liberal Party (Hungary)

Liberal Party
Szabadelvű Párt
Historical leaders István Gorove,
Kálmán Tisza,
Gusztáv Vizsolyi
Founded 1 March 1875 (1875-03-01)
Dissolved 11 April 1906 (1906-04-11)
Merger of Deák Party, Left Centre
Succeeded by National Party of Work (since 1910)
Headquarters Budapest, Kingdom of Hungary
Ideology Classical liberalism (Hungary)
'67 ideology
Political position Centre-right
(in constitutional terms)
International affiliation None
Colours      Blue

The Liberal Party (Hungarian: Szabadelvű Párt) was a political party in Hungary between 1875 and 1906.


The party was established in February 1875 by a merger of the Deák Party and the Left Centre.[1] It won a huge majority in the 1875 elections, with former Left Centre member Kálmán Tisza becoming Prime Minister. Tisza remained Prime Minister until 1890, and using violence,[1] the party retained its parliamentary majority until the 1905 elections, which saw the Independence and '48 Party win the most seats. The following year the party was disbanded.


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