Leones de Yucatán

Leones de Yucatán
Team logo Cap insignia
League Liga Mexicana de Beisbol (Zona Sur)
Location Mérida, Yucatán
Ballpark Estadio De Béisbol Kukulkán Álamo
Year founded 1954
League championships 1957, 1984, 2006.
Division championships 1984, 1989, 1996, 2000, 2006, 2007
Former ballparks
  • Parque Carta Clara
Colors Green, Orange, White
Ownership Propasa-Dunosusa
Manager Edgar Tovar
General Manager José Rivero
Website leonesdeyucatan.com.mx
Logo of Yucatán Leones

The Leones de Yucatán (English: Yucatán Lions) are a Triple-A level baseball team playing in the Mexican League. Their home games are played at Parque Kukulcán (Kukulcán Park) in Mérida, Yucatán.


The Yucatán Lions began play in the Mexican League in 1954, thanks to the efforts of Alvaro Ponce Vidiella and h Humberto "Beto" Abimerhi Abimerhi. The team's story is divided into three stages. The first covers until 1958, the second from 1970 to 1974 and from 1979.

Mexican League Premiere

After several attempts, Ponce Abimerhi Abimerhi Vidiella founded the Leones. The team nickname was a reference to the name of the beer company built by the Ponce family. On January 5, 1954 the team's entry to the circuit was announced and on April 17 of that year the Leones opened the season at the newly built Carta Clara Park, hosting the previous season's champions, the Nuevo Laredo Owls and earning an 8-0 victory. In its first year in the league, the Leones won 47 games and lost 32, with one tie and finished in second place to the defending champion Owls. The team ceased play after the 1958 season[1]

Second version

In 1969, filmmaker Manuel Barbachano Yucatán Ponce, moved the Pericos de Puebla franchise to Mérida in 1970, renaming it the Leones. In the opening game of the 1970 season on 18 March the Leones beat the Rojos del Águila de Veracruz 4-1. The franchise remained Mérida for five seasons and then moved to Villahermosa, Tabasco when Ariel "Picho" Magaña Carrillo purchased the team.

Third version

The third incarnation of the Lions began in 1979. On April 6, 1978, the Assembly of the Mexican League approved expansion teams 16-20 for the 1979 season. One of the expansion teams was awarded to Yucatán.[2]

On March 16, 1979, the Leones officially returned to the Mexican League when it opened the season at the Cafeteros de Córdoba and lost 10-4. As an expansion team, the Leones finished fifth in the Southern Division with 62 wins and 69 losses, but perhaps most important of the season was the performance of rookie pitcher Fernando Valenzuela, who later became a star in Major League Baseball. Valenzuela won 10 games, lost 12 with an earned run average of 2.42, allowed only 70 walks while striking out 141 batters in 181 innings, and caught the attention of the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Piratas de Campeche

Since they made their appearance in the Mexican League in summer 1954, the Lions have had fierce rivalries, first with the Mexico City Diablos Rojos and the Mexico City Tigres and then from 1980 with the Campeche Piratas.

Retired numbers

Current roster

Leones de Yucatán roster
Players Coaches/Other


  • 31 Armando Aguilar
  • 38 Eduardo Alvarez ∞
  • 23 Jesus Barraza
  • 49 Jonathan Castellanos
  • 48 Oscar Felix
  • 32 Danny Gutierrez
  • 61 Alejandro Martinez
  • 50 Mario Meza
  • 25 Yoanner Negrin
  • 66 Carlos Pech ∞
  • 30 Marco Quevedo
  • 14 Fredy Quintero
  • 95 Missael Rivera
  • 45 Francisco Rodríguez
  •  6 Manuel Rodriguez
  • 24 Alexis Ruiz ∞
  • 71 Jose Samayoa ∞
  • 44 Kramer Sneed
  • 99 Oscar Verdugo


  • 27 Manuel Cruz ∞
  • 10 Héctor Giménez
  • 20 Carlos Mendivil
  • 57 Hector Paez
  • 37 Humberto Sosa


  • 68 Kristian Delgado
  • 22 Kevin Flores
  •  4 Oswaldo Morejon
  •  8 Jaime Pedroza
  • 16 Ricardo Serrano


  • 87 Jose Aguilar
  • 33 Albino Contreras
  •  5 Luis Alfonso Garcia
  • 96 Walter Higuera ∞
  • 43 Fransisco Lugo
  • 26 Jesus Valdez


  • -- Wilfredo Romero


7-day disabled list

# Rehab assignment
∞ Reserve list
‡ Restricted list
§ Suspended list
† Temporary inactive list
Roster updated May 15, 2016
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