Leicestershire and South Derbyshire Coalfield

Map of 19th-century coalfields in Great Britain

The Leicestershire and South Derbyshire Coalfield in the English Midlands is one of the smaller British coalfields.[1] The two areas are sometimes separately referred to as the South Derbyshire Coalfield and the Leicestershire Coalfield. All of the worked coal seams are contained within the Lower and Middle Coal Measures which are of Upper Carboniferous age.


The following seams are recognised in South Derbyshire:[2]

Middle Coal Measures
  • Ell
  • Dicky Gobler
  • Upper Kilburn
  • Block
  • Yard
  • Two Foot
  • Upper Cannel
  • Little
  • Little Kilburn
Lower Coal Measures
  • Rider
  • Main
  • Little Woodfield
  • Lower Main
  • Woodfield
  • Stockings
  • Eureka
  • Joyce's
  • Upper Stanhope
  • Lower Stanhope
  • Well
  • Twelve Inch
  • Clod
  • Kilburn
  • Norton
  • Hardbed Band
  • Belperlawn

A series of seams referred to as P12, P15/16, P17, P25, P27, P31 (Derby), P33, P34 and P39/40 are recorded above the Upper Kilburn seam in the southern part of the South Derbyshire Coalfield.

In the Leicestershire area, the following are recognised;[3]

Middle Coal Measures
  • Excelsior
  • Minge
  • Five Foot (or Five Feet)
  • Splent
  • Threequarters
  • New Main Rider
  • New Main (Slate)
  • Swannington Yard
  • Cannel
Lower Coal Measures
  • High Main
  • Upper Main (Main)
  • Smoile
  • Upper Lount
  • Middle Lount
  • Nether Lount
  • Yard
  • Low Main (Roaster)
  • Lower Main Upper
  • Lower main Lower
  • Clod
  • Kilburn


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Coordinates: 52°46′N 1°33′W / 52.77°N 1.55°W / 52.77; -1.55

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