Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash

Blu-ray Cover featuring Batman & Superman
Directed by Rick Morales
Produced by Brandon Vietti
Screenplay by Jim Krieg
Based on DC Comics
Music by Tim Kelly
Distributed by Warner Home Video
Release dates
  • February 9, 2016 (2016-02-09) (Digital)
  • March 1, 2016 (2016-03-01) (Blu-ray and DVD)
Running time
78 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Cosmic Clash is a direct-to-video animated action comedy film based on the Lego and DC Comics brands, which was released on February 9, 2016 on Digital HD and March 1, 2016 on Blu-ray and DVD.[1] It is the fifth LEGO DC Comics film following Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite, Lego DC Comics: Batman Be-Leaguered, Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League and Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom. Some actors from various DC properties reprised their respective roles, including Nolan North as Superman and Khary Payton as Cyborg.[2]


After bottling planet Earavixlu, Brainiac accidentally drops the planet destroying it. In order for his collection of planets to be complete, Brainiac decides to go after Earth, a planet Darkseid mentioned in his suggestion box.

Back on Earth, Batman witnesses Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow apprehend Cheetah and Vandal Savage. Batman begins to enjoy being part of the Justice League, reminiscing on how he refused to join just years ago. When returning to the Hall of Justice, Batman is disappointed as to how the rest of the Justice League was playing hide and seek. The Justice League then say that Batman needs to learn to spend fun times with friends. However, their life lesson is cut short when Brainiac's spaceship is detected.

After encountering the Justice League, Brainiac studies them and their powers. Due to Batman's lack of superpowers, Brainiac does not consider him a threat. Following the Justice League defeating him (and jokingly applying a moustache to his spaceship), Brainiac retreats to the Brainiac Hive for repairs along with a smaller spaceship to use until the one he uses to shrink planets is repaired. During this time, two duplicates of Brainiac (referred to as Brainiac 1.2 and Brainiac 1.3) grow jealous of the original Brainiac (or Brainiac 1.1 as he is known as to the Hive) and devise a plan to exterminate him.

Returning to Earth, Brainiac once again draws the attention of the Justice League. This time, only Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern attempt to stop him. Brainiac uses a weapon that instantly causes them to seemingly vanish into thin air. Batman deduces that the weapon did not destroy them, but rather scattered them across time. Identifying the years their fellow Justice Leaguers were sent to, Batman, Flash and Cyborg use a secret tunnel to head to the Batcave to make upgrades to the Batmobile, turning it into the Cosmic treadmill. Batman and Flash use the Cosmic treadmill to travel through time to find their fellow Justice Leaguers starting with Wonder Woman while Cyborg calls upon Supergirl to help him hold off Brainiac's forces as she was the only one available at the time.

In the Stone Age, Batman creates a caveman disguise to search for Wonder Woman while Flash stays behind to keep running on the treadmill (to prevent it from going back to the present and trapping him and Batman in the past). Batman finds Vandal Savage (who has not yet experienced his origin) holding a cavewoman named Ugh hostage. Batman frees Ugh, but to his surprise, he and Vandal end up captured by Ugh and taken to her sexist tribe of cavewomen to be roasted in a pit of lava. In their cave, Batman and Vandal are introduced to the queen of the tribe: Wonder Woman (whose memories were warped to stabilize the time stream) who gained her position by freeing the tribe from Vandal and his male warriors. Batman manages to free himself and Vandal from the restraints and uses the lasso of truth to restore Wonder Woman's memories. With her memories retained, Wonder Woman is sent back to the present to stabilize the time stream, but not before she promotes Ugh as the new queen. As Batman leaves the cave, he hears Ugh talking about plans to leave to an island in the ocean void of all men that will be their "paradise" explaining to Batman how Themyscira came to be. Back in the present, Wonder Woman arrives to assist Cyborg and Supergirl.

As Flash and Batman use the Cosmic treadmill to travel to the 1600s to find Green Lantern, Flash begins to tire. Batman gives him a soda to keep him going. Batman manages to find Green Lantern on a pirate ship run by a pirate named Captain Fear where he had become a cowardly deck swabber named Swabbie. Batman (disguised as a fellow pirate) takes Green Lantern to confide his disguise to him and tries to use Green Lantern's Power ring to restore his memories, but is witnessed by Captain Fear who took the ring as treasure. As Batman is forced to walk the plank, he tells Green Lantern to use the ring and remember the fearless man he truly is. Green Lantern uses the power ring and regains his courage and memories, using the Power ring to destroy Captain Fear's ship. To the misfortune of the crew, a school of sharks begin to chase after them. Green Lantern is sent back to the present as Flash and Batman travel to the future.

When Batman and Flash arrive in the future, the cosmic treadmill is damaged sending Flash and its remains back to the present. In this future, Brainiac has taken over the planet and turned Superman into an obedient cyborg henchman. Luckily, Batman is saved by the Resistance of this timeline, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl, the last surviving members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. The Legion of Super Heroes attempt to hold off Superman, but they are killed. Batman manages to get to the Batcave to find a weapon he needs to defeat Superman. Surprisingly, Batman does not use Kryptonite, but rather a weapon which shoots sunlight. Although the weapon enhances Superman's powers, it fries his cybernetics including Brainiac's control over him. Batman states he did this to free Superman without harming him. Back to his normal self, Superman returns to the present.

In the present, Brainiac summons dinosaurs from the past to combat the Justice League. Finally, Brainiacs 1.2 and 1.3 arrive with a new shrink ray that can link with Brainiac's eye beams. Knowing it is a trap, Brainiac 1.1 kills Brainiacs 1.2 and 1.3 and disables the trap. Brainiac then uses the new shrink ray to miniaturize the Earth. At this moment, Batman uses the last Legion Time Bubble to return to the present as the death of the Legion was an illusion cast by Saturn Girl. Cyborg reveals how they can stop Brainiac. Cyborg reveals to have built six aerial vehicles for the Justice League. They use these vehicles to escape the bottle and combine them to form a robotic mech. Batman sneaks into Brainiac's head and puts the shrink ray in reverse causing Earth, the Justice League, himself and the mech to return to their normal sizes.

Feeling he may never complete his collection, Brainiac sets himself to self-destruct. In order to avoid the blast radius, Batman convinces Brainiac to collect coins instead of planets. Brainiac is then put in prison. Now having learned the value of his friends, Batman and the Justice League celebrate their victory by playing hide and seek.



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