List of Elseworlds publications

This is a list of Elseworlds publications from DC Comics, separated by main character, and in alphabetical order by title.[1] Each title was originally released as a one-shot book unless otherwise noted.

Batman Elseworlds

Superman Elseworlds

Superman/Batman Elseworlds

Justice League Elseworlds

Justice Society Elseworlds

DCU Elseworlds

Elseworlds Annuals (1994)

The annuals in 1994 featured Elseworlds stories.

Legends of the Dead Earth annuals (1996)

Earth is dead. Those who once might have called it home are long scattered to the endless stars. But in that scattering, on a thousand different worlds, by a thousand different ways... Earth's greatest legends live on.

These annuals are not technically Elseworlds, but were considered Elseworlds due to the theme, although some of them were shown to be a part of DC continuity.

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  1. Although not officially labelled an Elseworlds tale, the story refers back to Daredevil/Batman: Eye for an Eye (Marvel Comics, 1997) which was labelled as such.
  2. The TPB of this story retitles it as JSA: The Golden Age.


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