Lee Young-hoon

This is a Korean name; the family name is Lee.
Not to be confused with Lee Yeong-hoon, a South Korean actor.
Lee Young-hoon
Hangul 이영훈
Hanja 李榮薰
Revised Romanization Lee Young-hoon
McCune–Reischauer Yi Yŏnghun

Lee Young-hoon (이영훈, 李榮薰, born in 1951 Daegu, South Korea), Lee Yong-hoon, Rhee Yong-hoon, or Yi Yŏnghun is a professor Emeritus of Economics at Seoul National University and the president of the Naksungdae Institute of Economic Research (낙성대경제연구소).[1]

He is a member of the Textbook Forum of the New Right Party.[2] He is known as the new positivistic research on the Economy of Joseon.[3]

He argues that the number of comfort women and forced laborers is exaggerated in Korea's textbooks and challenges the Korean's common beliefs: "Japanese colonial rule and development has been considered an absolute evil".[4]


He graduated from Department of Economics, Seoul University and earned Doctor of Economics. He was an associate professor of Economics at Hanshin University and a professor of Sungkyunkwan University. He is co-representative of Textbook Forum.[5]


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