Lee Steere

Lee Steere (sometimes hyphenated as Lee-Steere), is the surname of several prominent Western Australians:

The Lee Steere family were originally from Jayes, in Surrey, England.[1][2] The family took the name Lee Steere in 1675 when John Steere (1649-1689[3]) married Fiducia Lee in Plastoe, Surrey.[4] Members of the family continued to live in Jayes Park, Ockley.[5]

Not all of John Steere and Fiducia Lee's descendants had a separate given name with "Lee Steere" as a surname. One of the female descendants married Richard Witts and had a son named Lee Steere Witts, who later "assumed the name of Steere".[6] There are also records of family members named (for example) Lee Steere Steere and Sarah Steere Steere.[7] Others were known simply as "Lee Steere" (including the 1848 High Sheriff of Surrey).


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