Law enforcement in Montenegro

Uprava Policije Crne Gore
Uprava Policije Crne Gore
Agency overview
Formed 1831
Jurisdiction Ministry of Interior Affairs (Montenegro)
Headquarters Podgorica
Employees 5,313
Agency executive
  • Slavko Stojanović, Director

Law enforcement in Montenegro is primarily the responsibility of the Police Administration (Uprava Policije). This is a law enforcement agency that is a part of Ministry of Interior Affairs.


Police Administration consists of 4 sectors, 2 departments and 4 other operational units, and the office of the Director of the Police Administration (Direktor Uprave Policije):

Territorial units

For direct execution of law enforcement tasks on the territory of Montenegro, 8 Regional Police Units (Područne Jedinice Policije) exist:

All directorates of the Police Administration report to the Ministry of Interior. The police force is controlled legally by the country's Law on Police, and the Parliament of Montenegro and the Montenegrin citizens can use this law to exert control over the police force.

Resources and equipment

The Police Administration has 5,313 employees, of which 4,684 are police officers. There are 697 female employees in the Police Administration, of which 330 are uniformed police officers.[1]

The Police Academy is located in Danilovgrad, and provides both basic police education, and professional and specialized training.

Public law and order officer on duty is usually equipped with a side gun (usually a CZ 99), a pair of handcuffs, a police baton, and a radio communication device.

The Police Administration operates a very heterogeneous fleet of road vehicles, numbering 774 vehicles in 2011.[2] The most common patrol car is WV Golf, Mark IV and V, although various Mercedes Benz vehicles are also operating. Special police units are usually seen in Land Rover Defender off road vehicles.

Aviation Unit

Montenegro's Civil Police Aviation Unit forms part of the Montenegro Government Aviation Unit, and purchased its first aircraft in 1972, with three more SA341 Gazelles transferred from the military air force in the 1990s.[3] Aviation unit also operates two Augusta-Bell AB412. All helicopters are based at Golubovci Airport, Podgorica.[4]

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