Lausanne campus

The EPFL, on the west part of the Lausanne campus, at the shores of Lake Geneva.
One of the buildings of the University of Lausanne, towards the east of the Lausanne campus.
The main library of the EPFL, the Learning Center.
The campus, seen from the west, before the construction of the Swiss Tech Convention Center.
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland.

The Lausanne campus or Dorigny university campus (French: campus lausannois or campus de Dorigny) is a vast area of ground where the University of Lausanne (UNIL), the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and several other institutions are located.

The campus (in Dorigny) is located towards the west of Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Léman. It is served by Lausanne Metro line 1, from four consecutive stations (UNIL-Dorigny, UNIL-Mouline, UNIL-Sorge and EPFL), and possesses a bicycle sharing system.

The site is about 2.2 kilometres wide[1] and 31'000 people study and work there.[2]


In 1946, the citizens refuse a project of airport ("aéroport vaudois Lausanne-Écublens") on the site.[3] In 1963, the Canton of Vaud buy the property of Dorigny; at this time, the University of Lausanne is located in more than forty places in Lausanne.[3]

The first building (the Amphipôle[4]) was built in 1969-1970; in 2013, the campus comprises about sixty buildings.[1] The chief architect of the UNIL campus is Guido Cocchi (1928-2010).[3]

The inauguration of the first EPFL buildings of the new campus took place in 1978.

The campus is mainly located on the municipality of Écublens but part of it are on Chavannes-près-Renens and Saint-Sulpice.[5] The campus has its own postal code: 1015 Lausanne.

Future developments

A new building (Synathlon) will host the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Lausanne, the International Academy of Sport Science and Technology, the International University Sports Federation and the International Sport Cluster.[6]

The Radio télévision suisse plan to move its centre of Lausanne (headquarters of the radio) to a new building on the campus, in 2019–2020.[7][8]




Other education and research institutions in Lausanne

Other education and research institutions in Lausanne includes:

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