Las Villas

This article is about the comarca in Andalusia. For the former province in Cuba, see Villa Clara Province. For the parish in Asturias, see Las Villas (Grado).
Las Villas

Landscape of Las Villas at Iznatoraf.

Location of Las Villas in Andalusia
Country Spain
Region Andalusia
  Total 556.38 km2 (214.82 sq mi)
Elevation 800 m (2,600 ft)
  Total 22,023
  Density 40/km2 (100/sq mi)
View of Aguascebas dam

Las Villas is a natural region and comarca in Andalusia, southern Spain. It is located in the mountainous area at the eastern end of Jaén Province.[1] The main town is Villacarrillo.

Together with the Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra de Segura mountain ranges Las Villas gave its name to the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park that was established in 1986. 8.3 percent of the surface of the protected area falls within the Las Villas comarca.[2]

Formerly the Las Villas comarca had been merged with La Loma as La Loma y las Villas, an administrative division of Andalusia.[3] The present-day official comarca was established in 2003.[4] According to the 2014 census,[5] the comarca has a population of 22,023 inhabitants.


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Coordinates: 38°6′N 3°5′W / 38.100°N 3.083°W / 38.100; -3.083

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