Larrakeyah Barracks

Larrakeyah Barracks entrance, with Larrakeyah Primary School on the right hand side of picture
Open Air Chapel, Emery Point, Larrakeyah Barracks

Larrakeyah Barracks, incorporating HMAS Coonawarra, is the main base for the Australian Defence Force in the Northern Territory of Australia, and occupies the headland west of the suburb of Larrakeyah in the capital, Darwin. It was established in 1932–33, with building commencing in earnest in 1934, although many of the oldest structures were built in the early years of World War II.[1]

The name Larrakeyah is a transcription of the name of the Australian Aborigine tribe known also as the Larrakia people, the traditional owners of where Darwin was built and its surrounding areas.[2]


The base is on a mostly level headland running east-west, some 25 metres above the ocean. Darwin Naval Base is on a lower area on the south side, incorporating some reclaimed land. Coordinates: 12°27′31″S 130°49′18″E / 12.45861°S 130.82167°E / -12.45861; 130.82167

The base is bounded to the east by the suburb of Larrakeyah, to the south by HMAS Coonawarra and the boat harbour on Darwin Harbour, to the west by Emery Point overlooking the approaches to Darwin Harbour, and the north by Cullen Bay.


Some parts of the base are heritage listed.[3] These include:


ADF units at Larrakeyah include:



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