Lamadaya water falls in Sanaag, Somalia.
Location Somalia
Coordinates 10°44′09″N 47°14′42″E / 10.73583°N 47.24500°E / 10.73583; 47.24500Coordinates: 10°44′09″N 47°14′42″E / 10.73583°N 47.24500°E / 10.73583; 47.24500
Elevation 2,410 metres (7,907 ft)[1]

Lamadaya are waterfalls located in the Cal Madow mountain range in the northern Sanaag region of Somalia. The meaning of the word in the Afro-Asiatic Somali language is "not to be looked at", owing to the waterfalls' steep incline atop a high hill. The nearest town to Lamadaya is Ulheed, which is situated towards the Red Sea coast.

Images of the Lamadaya waterfalls in Cal Madow.


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