Labour Party Rule Book

The Labour Party Rule Book is the governing document for the Labour Party in the United Kingdom.

The Labour Party Constitution forms the first chapter of the Rule Book and contains the most important principles and provisions for Labour Party governance. The chapter is divided into ten sections named Clause I to Clause X. Clause IV is the best known Aims and values clause, which was significantly changed in 1995 after Tony Blair became leader of the Labour Party.

The rules may be amended by the party's National Executive Committee ratified by the following Labour Party conference.

The Labour Party is an unincorporated association without a separate legal personality, and the rule book legally regulates the organisation and the relationship with members.

Rule book contents

Labour Party Constitution

Chapter 1: Constitutional rules

National rules

Chapter 2: Membership rules

Chapter 3: Party conference

Chapter 4: Elections of national officers of the party and national committees

Chapter 5: Selection for elected public office

Chapter 6: Disciplinary rules

Rules for party units

Chapter 7: Rules for CLPs

Chapter 8: Rules for branches

Chapter 9: Rules for Regional Boards and European party units

Chapter 10: Rules for women’s forums

Chapter 11: Rules for Young Labour

Chapter 12: Rules for Labour Party local government committees

Chapter 13: Rules for local government Labour groups on principal authorities

Chapter 14: Rules for Ethnic Minorities forums

Chapter 15: Model procedural rules (standing orders) for party units

Chapter 16: Party contacts and glossary


The appendices of the rule book contain the National Executive Committee statements on:

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