La niña de la mochila azul

La niña de la mochila azul

Poster of the movie
Directed by Rubén Galindo
Produced by Daniel Galindo, Pedro Galindo
Written by Rubén Galindo, Carlos Valdemar
Starring Pedro Fernández (billed as Pedrito Fernández)
María Rebeca
Adalberto Martínez
Music by Soundtrack: La de la Mochila Azul Performed by Pedro Fernández and written by Bulmaro Bermúdez
Distributed by Filmadora Chapultepec
Release dates
October 18, 1979
Running time
85 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

La niña de la mochila azul (in English: The girl with the blue backpack) is a 1979 Mexican motion picture, based on the song La de la Mochila Azul from the album by the same name, performed by Pedrito Fernández. This film is categorized as a Musical, Drama and Comedy.[1]

This was the first film starred in by Pedro Fernández credited as Pedrito Fernández when he was a child. At age seven (7) prior to the making of the movie, Pedro recorded La de la Mochila Azul and the success of that song was so great that he came to star in the subsequent iconic film. That song became the title track of this movie and a long distinguished career as an actor and singer continued.

The movie became an immediate success and resulted in a continuation with the La niña de la mochila azul 2. Both films also starred the popular comedian Adalberto Martínez as 'Resortes', and María Rebeca as Amy, the girl with the blue backpack. The popular song is still requested by fans at Pedro Fernández concerts today and the movie is still popular as a classic.


A charming family film about first love. Amy (María Rebeca) and her friend Raul (Pedrito Fernández) live in a fishing village in Texas. Raul falls in love with Amy, an orphaned child living with her uncle Andrew (Adalberto Martínez "Resortes") who is an drunkard, which in spite of that, has been a father figure to her. However, the poor living conditions in which Amy lives has caused local authorities to desire to separate them. A serious accident at sea will change the life of Amy, Andrew, and Raul, whose goodness will be the key to the happiness of Amy.



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