La Rambla (climb)

El Pati sector.

La Rambla (La Rambla original or La Rambla extension) is a famously difficult sport climb in Siurana, Catalonia (Spain). It's located at the sector of El Pati. The first ascent was by Alexander Huber, in 1994, and was repeated 9 years later by Ramón Julián Puigblanque in 2003, after forty or fifty tries.

La Rambla is the route climbed by Alexander Huber in 1994 which ends at a chain and is called La Rambla Original. Puigblanque linked the route to another route nearby, via a traverse. His version is known as La Rambla extension. Huber graded his route 8c+/5.14c.[1] Puigblanque climbed it to the chain and gave it a 9a+/5.15a grade, then traversed to the other route. The last 7 meters (extension) do not increase the grade. The grade changed from 5.14c to 5.15a because repeaters upgraded and thought the route was harder than Huber originally thought.

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Coordinates: 41°15′29″N 0°55′56″E / 41.25806°N 0.93222°E / 41.25806; 0.93222

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