L'Enfant a la tasse

L'Enfant a la tasse
Artist Claude Monet
Year 1868 (1868)
Type Oil painting
Dimensions 46 cm × 33 cm (18 in × 13 in)

L'Enfant a la tasse or L'Enfant a la tasse, portrait de Jean Monet is an oil painting by Impressionist Claude Monet created in 1868. The painting which features Monet's son Jean sitting next to a white and blue striped cup is Monet's third painting to feature his son.[1]

2013 sale

The painting was listed on Amazon.com for sale at USD$1,450,0000 as part of its "fine art" initiative in August 2013.[2][3] Economist Tyler Cowen criticized the initiative saying it "looks like dealers trying to unload unwanted, hard to sell inventory."[4]


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