Léman Express

The Léman Express,[1][2] is a planned commuter rail network for the transborder agglomeration of Grand Genève[3] (Greater Geneva) in west Switzerland and the French Alps (Haute-Savoie).

The local rail network in Geneva consists of two short lines and is not really comparable to the 'RER'/S-Bahn networks of major cities. However, in 1994, local trains between La Plaine (in Dardagny) and Geneva's central Cornavin station were branded as the Rhône Express Régional (abbreviated to 'RER'), similar to Paris' (Réseau Express Régional), using Tram-trains derived from those on Lausanne métro's line M1. These special vehicles are presently required on the line as it is electrified using direct current, unlike the rest of the Swiss Federal Railway network. Local trains to Bellegarde-sur-Valserine (in France) joined the network on 3 December 2001. The line will be upgraded with standard 25kV AC electrification as the Léman Express is developed.

When the Léman Express will be opened, the cities of Evian, Thonon, Annemasse and Annecy as well as the population of the Arve valley up to St Gervais could be served with direct services from Cornavin, so the future Geneva RER might have up to five lines.

How the future RER might look after the CEVA is opened
An Re 460, these engines pull updated eurofima carriages as commuter services in Geneva. non- RER

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Léman Express network will include the line Rhône-Express-Régional

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