Kyoto Prefectural University

Kyoto Prefectural University
Type Public
Established Founded 1895
Chartered 1949
President Go Takeba
Location Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
Campus Urban
The main gate

Kyoto Prefectural University (京都府立大学 Kyōto furitsu daigaku), Fudai (府大) or Kyōfudai (京府大) for short, is one of the public universities in Japan. Its campus is located in Nakaragi-cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.


Kyoto Prefectural University was established in 1949 as Saikyo University (西京大学 Saikyō daigaku) by mingling two prefectural colleges: Kyoto Prefectural Agricultural and Forestry Vocational School (京都府立農林専門学校 Kyōto furitsu nōrin semmon gakkō, founded in 1895) and Kyoto Prefectural Women's Vocational School (京都府立女子専門学校 Kyōto furitsu joshi semmon gakkō, founded in 1927).

Saikyo University had at first two faculties: the Faculty of Letters and Domestic Science (in Katsura Campus) / the Faculty of Agriculture (in Shimogamo Campus). The brief history of the university is as follows:

Undergraduate Schools

The faculties above were reorganized into three new faculties (in April 2008):

Graduate Schools

The graduate schools above were reorganized into three new schools (in April 2008):



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