Kurdish Institute of Paris

Kurdish Institute of Paris (French: Institut kurde de Paris), founded in February 1983, is an organization focused on Kurdish language, culture and history.[1] It is one of the main academic centers of Kurdish language in Europe. Its main publications include a linguistic journal titled Kurmancî in Kurdish, a monthly press review about Kurdish issues titled Bulletin de liaison et d'information (Bulletin of Contact and Information) and Études Kurdes, a research journal in French.

Most of the activities of the Institute are focused on the Northern Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish. The institute has a library preserving thousands of historical documents, pamphlets and periodicals about Kurds. Two representatives from the French Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Culture provide the link between the Institute and the Government of France. The Institute is headed by Kendal Nezan as the president and Abbas Vali (Swansea University) and Fuad Hussein (University of Amsterdam) as the two vice-presidents.

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