Leader Paweł Kukiz
Founded May 2015
Headquarters ul. Nowy Świat 39
00-029 Warsaw
Ideology Right-wing populism[1]
Political position Right-wing[2]
Big tent[3]
36 / 460
0 / 100
European Parliament
0 / 51

Kukiz'15 is a right-wing political movement in Poland led by punk rock musician Paweł Kukiz. It is an association, which is not formally registered as a political party. The key postulates are:


The movement was founded after Kukiz stood in the 2015 presidential election, winning 21% of the vote and coming in third during the election's first round. Kukiz's primary issue during the election was the replacement of Poland's proportional representation electoral system with single member constituencies,[7][8] which was the subject of a referendum in September 2015.

The movement is particularly popular among young people, with Kukiz having won 42% among voters aged 18 to 29 in the Presidential elections 2015.[9]

In the 2015 parliamentary election Kukiz'15 cooperated with the far-right National Movement, which gained 5 of Kukiz' 42 parliamentary seats.[10]

On April 2016 National Movement management decided to leave Kukiz'15, but only one MP followed party instructions.[11] These ones, who stayed in Kukiz'15, together with a few other Kukiz' MPs, formed association "National Democracy" (Endecja).[12]


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