Krylov State Research Center

Krylov State Research Center
Крыловский государственный научный центр
Established 8 March 1894 (1894-03-08)
Field of research
Director General
Andrei Dutov
Staff 3,000
Address Moskovskoye Shosse, 44
Location Saint Petersburg, Russia
59°49′30″N 30°21′38″E / 59.82500°N 30.36056°E / 59.82500; 30.36056Coordinates: 59°49′30″N 30°21′38″E / 59.82500°N 30.36056°E / 59.82500; 30.36056
Zip code

The Krylov State Research Center (Russian: Крыловский государственный научный центр) is a Russian shipbuilding research and development institute, which operates as a federal state-owned unitary enterprise. The institute is named after Aleksey Krylov, the Russian naval designer and mathematician who was one of its first superintendents, and is based in Saint Petersburg.[1]

The institute was established in 1894, to operate the Russian Empire's first ship model basin—the Naval Administration Towing Tank—on New Holland Island in Saint Petersburg. On 8 March that year, Emperor Alexander III and members of the royal family toured the facility, which is considered the foundation date of the institute.[2] On 3 January 1900, Aleksey Krylov was appointed acting superintendent of the Tank, and proposed the establishment of a broader shipbuilding research institute based around the tank, including laboratories for electrical engineering, and physical, chemical and mechanical testing.[3]

Originally subordinate to the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry of the Soviet Union, the Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute (KSRI) worked only for the Soviet Navy, but now operates in all ship science disciplines, and conducts sponsored research for international commercial shipbuilding companies.[4]


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