Kosovo Field

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Disposition of troops on the Kosovo Field during the Battle of Kosovo.

Kosovo Field is a former battlefield northwest from Priština that was the site of the Battle of Kosovo (1389) between the Serbian and Ottoman armies.[1] It is for this field, and the battle, that the Kosovo region is named, and in turn the entire Kosovo Vilayet and modern Kosovo. The modern city of Kosovo Polje is also named after the field.

Serbian ruler Stefan Lazarević (1389–1427) erected a marble column with inscriptions on the field, in memory of his father.[2] Battle of Kosovo (1448) was fought between the Ottoman Empire and Kingdom of Hungary.


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Coordinates: 42°42′07″N 21°06′15″E / 42.70194°N 21.10417°E / 42.70194; 21.10417

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