For the Romanian village of Corbi, called Korb in Hungarian, see Feldioara.

Coat of arms
Coordinates: 48°50′30″N 09°21′40″E / 48.84167°N 9.36111°E / 48.84167; 9.36111Coordinates: 48°50′30″N 09°21′40″E / 48.84167°N 9.36111°E / 48.84167; 9.36111
Country Germany
State Baden-Württemberg
Admin. region Stuttgart
District Rems-Murr-Kreis
  Mayor Jochen Müller
  Total 8.45 km2 (3.26 sq mi)
Population (2015-12-31)[1]
  Total 10,544
  Density 1,200/km2 (3,200/sq mi)
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Postal codes 71404
Dialling codes 07151
Vehicle registration WN
Website www.korb.de

Korb is a municipality in the Rems-Murr district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is located 3 km east of Waiblingen, and 15 km northeast of Stuttgart. Korb is known for the wines produced in the area.


Older History

The first known written mention dates from the year 1270. In an Esslingen document from the year 1270 is testified that the hospital in Esslingen has acquired land in Korb from the convent in Steinheim (Murr).

Middle Ages

Only in 1270 Korb will appear in the said document again. During the Thirty Years' War 1618-1648 there was great distress, and Korb was partially totally uninhabited (1636-38). Peasant uprising (1514 " Poor Conrad ") and the French invasion (1797) made also great suffer for Korb. Over the centuries the wine played a major role in the predominantly rural population. He made practically the main source of income.

Korb Württemberg Town hall

Family History

During the Thirty Years' War the city suffered severe population losses. A few families were able to escape through temporary escape, including the Singer family.

Modern History/Modern Times

Only the industrialization around the turn of the century made the change for Korb to the today residential community. Before had been a catastrophic phylloxera infestation, all the vine yards in the Remstal had to be burned.

Autumn in Korb


Korb is connected through the Bundesstraße 14 to the national road network. Coming from the north Korb is mostly connected about the exit Mundelsheim of the Bundesautobahn 81.

Kirche Kleinheppach 2016

Buses that run frequently connect Korb with the Waiblingen station, as well as over Kleinheppach with Endersbach station to Weinstadt.

Notable peoples from Korb


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