This article is about the river in Croatia. For the language, see Korana language. For the South African ethnic group, see Griqua people.
Korana canyon at Slunj

The Korana is a river in central Croatia and west Bosnia and Herzegovina. The river has a total length of 134 km (83 mi) and watershed area of 2,595 km2 (1,002 sq mi).[1]

It rises in the eastern parts of Lika, creates the world-famous Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Downstream from Plitvice Lakes the Korana river forms a 25 kilometers long border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina near Cazin. From there it flows northwards through Croatia, where it finally reaches the river Kupa at Karlovac.

The soil of the karst region, through which this river flows consists of limestone. Under certain physical and chemical conditions the river is constantly creating new soil from plants (see: Plitvice Lakes).

The river Slunjčica flows into Korana at Rastoke/Slunj, and the river Mrežnica flows into it at Karlovac.

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