Kōnan University

Konan University
Type Private
Established 1919 (1919) (as Konan Gakuen Middle School)
1951 (1951) (Konan University opens)
Students 9400
Location Kobe, Japan
34°43′47.05″N 135°16′4.79″E / 34.7297361°N 135.2679972°E / 34.7297361; 135.2679972Coordinates: 34°43′47.05″N 135°16′4.79″E / 34.7297361°N 135.2679972°E / 34.7297361; 135.2679972
Campus Urban
Website http://www.konan-u.ac.jp/ (English)
Konan University

Konan University (甲南大学 Kōnan Daigaku) is a university located on the slopes of Rokko Mountain in Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Japan. A private university with approximately 10,000 students, the university offers a wide variety of programs to Japanese students, as well as an international exchange program through the Konan International Exchange Centre.


Konan University was founded in 1951. The university traces its origin back to 1919 when Konan Gaku-en Middle School was founded in Okamoto, Kobe, Japan. The formation of the school is based on the ideals of character building (personality development), physical fitness and respect for the individual. Konan University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs (Mater’s programs and Ph.D. programs). All programs are accredited by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.


Konan University has three campuses in Hyogo prefecture Japan, i.e., Okamoto Campus (the main campus), Nishinomiya Campus and Port Island Campus. Okamoto Campus is located on the eastern edge of Kobe City in Okamoto, a well-known residential area between Osaka and Kobe.

Undergraduate Education

Seven faculties and one school provide undergraduate education.

Graduate Education

Graduate education is provided by five schools.

Academic Rankings

Overall Rankings

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Notable Faculties

Notable Alumni

International students

Konan offers a program for international students through the Konan International Exchange Centre or KIEC. This program runs from September through May for students from North America and Europe, and from January to December for students from Australia and New Zealand. Usually made up of between thirty and forty-five students, the program includes rigorous language study, Japanese Studies classes on various topics of Japanese culture, business, and society, and a homestay in which the student lives with a Japanese family. In previous years the homestay was a mandatory part of the program, however, due to increasing numbers of international students in the academic year 2008-2009, a dormitory option was made available for non-Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs students.

Konan offers exchange opportunities with the following universities:

In addition, students from the Illinois Consortium are welcome. This includes the University of Hawaii, the University of Arizona, and the University of Pittsburgh.

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