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The Kingdom of Crystal (Swedish: Glasriket, The glass realm) is a geographical area today containing a total of 15 glassworks in the municipalities of Emmaboda, Nybro, Uppvidinge, Växjö and Lessebo in southern Sweden. Their history can be traced back to the 18th century at least. The glassworks have become part of the culture of Sweden; examples can be found in many Swedish homes, recognizable by a small sticker at the bottom with the name Orrefors, Kosta, etc.

When touring the forested province of Småland in Sweden, it is normal to visit at least one of the glassworks. The larger ones have adjacent museums and are open for visitors to see the glass blowing hall, normally looking down from a platform. Food is available as well as shopping for all kinds of glass products such as glasses, bowls, vases and unique glass ornaments.

The more notable are Orrefors Glasbruk, with the adjacent National School of Glass and Kosta Glasbruk, which is the basis for the Kosta Boda company. Each one of the glassworks have distinctive design traditions, character and atmosphere.



Smaller Glasswork-related Companies

In the Kingdom of Crystal, there are a large number of small businesses in the glass industry, which are often spin-offs from some of the larger companies. Activities of these businesses include:



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