King George V Coronation Medal

King George V Coronation Medal
Awarded by United Kingdom
and Commonwealth
Type Commemoration medal
Eligibility Commonwealth citizens
Awarded for participation in coronation, or community service
Clasps None
Established 1911
Total awarded 15,901
Next (higher) King’s Visit Commemoration Medal, 1903
Next (lower) King George V Police Coronation Medal

Civi/military & police ribbon bars

The King George V Coronation Medal was a commemorative medal made in 1911 to celebrate the coronation of King George V.


This coronation medal was the first to be awarded to people who were not in attendance at the coronation. For this and subsequent Coronation and Jubilee medals, the practice up until 1977 was that United Kingdom authorities decided on a total number to be produced, then allocated a proportion to each of the Commonwealth countries and Crown dependencies and possessions. The award of the medals was then at the discretion of the local government authority, who were free to decide who would be awarded a medal and why.

The police version of the medal was awarded to police officers on duty in London on Coronation day.

An unknown number of medals were awarded, including



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