King's International Development Institute

International Development Institute,
King's College London
Established 2013
Parent institution
King's College London
Directors Peter Kingstone and Andy Sumner
Location Strand, London

King’s International Development Institute (IDI) is an inter-disciplinary development institute located within the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy at the King's College London. IDI was launched in 2013 with a focus on poverty and inequality in middle income developing countries particularly in Asia and Latin America. It's research revolves around development theory, political economy, economics, geography and social policy.[1]

IDI has students from 50 countries worldwide, who make half of all the student body. The institute is a member of European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes.[2] It has strong links with Department for International Development, British Academy, Oxfam and UNDP, while it's staff hold's associate positions at Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Center for Global Development and the Institute of Development Studies.[3] King's College London is ranked as one of the top 10 global development learning programs in the UK by QS University Ranking.[4]


King's College London at Strand Campus hosts the IDI.

IDI is a development institute focusing on middle income developing countries or ‘emerging economies’. It was launched in 2013. IDI offers teaching programmes at undergraduate and graduate level.


The institute is currently directed by Peter Kingstone (PhD, UC Berkeley) and Andy Sumner (PhD, LSBU).[5] Academic staff includes Ingrid Bleynat (PhD, Harvard), Jelke Boesten (PhD, Amsterdam), Luciano Ciravegna (PhD, LSE), Eduardo J. Gómez (PhD, Brown), Nahee Kang (PhD, Cambridge), Lisa Kingstone (PhD, Amherst), Andrés Mejía Acosta (PhD, Notre Dame), Susan Fairley Murray (PhD, Holloway), Robert Picciotto (PhD, Princeton), Paul Segal (PhD, Oxford) and Pierre-Louis (PhD, GIDS).[6]


As a development studies programme, IDI is distinctive for its interest in rising middle income developing countries (like the BRICs countries) as well as in social, political and economic phenomena and policy related questions of those fast-growing developing countries. The institute’s mission is “to explore the sources of success in emerging economies as well as understand the major development challenges they continue to face”.

IDI’s areas of research are ‘inclusive development’ on the one hand and ‘national development’ on the other hand. Within these two broad themes, it works on five research clusters:

IDI publishes a working paper series and has links to various external organisations including institutions like the UK Foreign Office and the UK Department for International Development, the British Academy, the European Association of Development Institutes, the UK Development Studies Association, the US Council on Foreign Relations, UNDP, the United Nations University, the WHO, the World Bank and various international non-governmental and research organisations.


Leon Panetta speaks at King's College London.


IDI runs the following teaching programmes:

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