Kazuyoshi Kumakiri

Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
Born (1974-09-01) September 1, 1974
Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan[1]
Alma mater Osaka University of Arts
Occupation Film director

Kazuyoshi Kumakiri (熊切 和嘉 Kumakiri Kazuyoshi, born 1 September 1974) is a Japanese film director.[2]


Kumakiri debuted with Kichiku in 1997.[3] His 2001 film, Hole in the Sky, starred Susumu Terajima and Yuriko Kikuchi.[4] His 2004 film, Green Mind, Metal Bats, screened at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2006.[5] He directed Sketches of Kaitan City in 2010.[6] In 2012, he returned with Blazing Famiglia, which starred the comedian Yoshimi Tokui.[7]His 2014 film, My Man, won the “Golden George” prize for the best film at the 36th Moscow International Film Festival.[8]



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