List of Coronation Street characters (2011)

Coronation Street is a British soap opera, produced by ITV Studios. Created by writer Tony Warren, Coronation Street was first broadcast on ITV on 9 December 1960. It has been produced by Phil Collinson since 2010. The following is a list of characters introduced by Collinson in the show's fifty-first year, by order of first appearance. January saw three introductions; DC Moore (Pooja Shah), Marc Selby (Andrew Hall) and Frank Foster, played by former The Bill actor Andrew Lancel. Faye Butler (Ellie Leach), Jeff Cullen (Steven Houghton) and the soap's first Chinese character, Xin Chiang (Elizabeth Tan) arrived in February. Veteran actress Stephanie Cole joined as Sylvia Goodwin, the mother of established character Roy Cropper, in April.

June saw a new family take over the running of the Rovers Return for the first time as former EastEnders actress Michelle Collins and Taggart actor John Michie took on the roles of Stella Price and Karl Munro respectively. The couple were also joined by Stella's daughter Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley). Beth Tinker (Lisa George) and Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) arrived in August and Frank's parents, Anne (Gwen Taylor) and Sam Foster (Paul Clayton) made their first appearances in September, along with Kirsty Soames (Natalie Gumede). Lesley Kershaw (Judy Holt) followed in October and Jeremy Sheffield began appearing as Danny Stratton in December. That same month saw the birth of Joseph Brown, the only child to be born that year.

DC Moore

DC Moore
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Pooja Shah
First appearance 3 January 2011
Episode 7505
Last appearance 14 January 2011
Episode 7514
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former;guest
Occupation Police Officer

Detective Constable Moore, played by Pooja Shah,[1] is a police officer investigating the attack on Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) on New Year's Eve. Moore is first seen at the hospital speaking to Tracy's mother Deirdre (Anne Kirkbride) and stepfather Ken (William Roache) and questions them about a motive for the attack to which Deirdre implicates Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson). Moore and her colleague DC Redfern (Paul Warriner) go to The Rovers Return and question Steve about his whereabouts on the night of the attack. Steve gives them an account of his movements and denies being Tracy's attacker. They later question Nick Tilsley (Ben Price), Gail McIntyre (Helen Worth) and David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) to see if they are involved. Moore and Redfern come across Norris Cole and Mary Taylor (Malcolm Hebden and Patti Clare) in the street and ask Norris for information. Norris implicates Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly) as a potential suspect when he reveals that she and Tracy had a fight on Christmas Day in The Rovers. Following their new lead, Moore and Redfern pay the Rovers another visit and question Becky. Tracy accuses Becky, Becky is subsequently arrested for GBH and denies attacking Tracy. After Claire Peacock (Julia Haworth) confesses to the attack, Moore and Redfern release her on bail. The following night Moore and Redfern return to the Street to re-arrest Claire after making their enquiries. They fall for a decoy as residents help Claire escape.

Marc Selby

Marc Selby
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Andrew Hall
First appearance 7 January 2011
Episode 7509
Last appearance 26 August 2011
Episode 7568
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Wine Dealer

Marc Selby (also Marcia Selby), played by Andrew Hall, first appears as a customer at Claudia Colby (Rula Lenska)'s salon. Marc befriends Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) before her haircut and Claudia accuses Audrey of chatting him up. Claudia and Marc start dating, and Claudia shows him off in the Rovers when she meets Audrey for drinks a few weeks later. In March, Claudia opens up to Audrey about her worries that Marc is hiding something after cancelling several dates, and the women decide to stake out Marc's house to see what he is doing while he is supposed to be out. Claudia fears the worst when they spot another woman leave the house. A few days later Marc tells them that it was his sister leaving his house but Claudia still doesn't believe him.

In April, Marc telephones Audrey from the police station asking her to pick him up. When Audrey arrives, she is shocked to not only find Marc brutally beaten up – but dressed as a woman. Back at Audrey's house, he confides in her that although he is heterosexual, as are the majority of cross-dressers, he has always felt the need to dress in women's clothes, under the alias Marcia, and that his late wife was supportive of his feelings. Audrey is very sympathetic but urges him to tell Claudia, for both their sakes. He remains reluctant.

Eventually, Marc is forced to reveal the truth to Claudia after she wrongly assumes that he is having an affair with Audrey. She doesn't take kindly to the confession and ends her relationship with Marc, disgusted by his cross-dressing. In August 2011, Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) and Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley) spot Audrey with 'Marcia' and film them to use as blackmail against Audrey to get Kylie's job back at the salon. Despite Audrey telling Marc to keep quiet, he walks into the Rovers as Marcia leaving Audrey humiliated in front of daughter Gail (Helen Worth) and her friends. Marc makes his final appearance on 26 August 2011 after Audrey tells him that she can no longer cope with his cross-dressing.

Frank Foster

Frank Foster, played by Andrew Lancel, made his debut screen appearance on 20 January 2011. The character and casting was announced on 23 November 2010.[2] Frank was introduced as a business associate of Carla Connor (Alison King).[2] Of his casting, Lancel said "I'm made up to be here. It's been a long time coming and I'm a big fan of the show so I'm thrilled. Frank looks like he's going to be fun to play, there's more to him than meets the eye, he's definitely not one-sided."[2] Describing Frank, Lancel commented that he is "charismatic, charming and you're never quite sure what he'll do next."[3] Frank received a nomination for Best Baddy at the 2012 Virgin Media TV Awards. He received 1.39% of the vote.[4] Jon Wise of The People called Frank an "evil bully".[5]

Faye Windass

Main article: Faye Windass

Faye Windass, played by Ellie Leach, made her first on screen appearance on 24 January 2011. The casting was announced in January 2011. Of her casting, her cousin, co-star Brooke Vincent, said "I am chuffed to bits for her. She has made me so happy. We are all thrilled about it and I can't wait to be with her on set to show her around."[6] A show source added "Brooke was behind her all the way and was praying she would get the part - and after Ellie won the bosses over she couldn't contain herself. She was so pleased and happy for her. Ellie-Louise is made of the same stuff as Brooke, which means she'll fit in and get on well with everyone."[7] Storylines involving Faye include being adopted by Anna (Debbie Rush) and Eddie Windass (Steve Huison), being hit by her mother's partner Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) in a controversial plot, being bullied herself and being peer pressured into bullying Simon Barlow (Alex Bain, contacting her birth father Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) which ultimately leads to her falsely accusing Anna of abusing her and falling pregnant at the age of 12 and only letting best friend Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) know and struggling to cope with daughter Miley Windass (Erin, Eilah and Elsie Halliwell).

Jeff Cullen

Jeff Cullen
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Steven Houghton
First appearance 7 February 2011
Episode 7530
Last appearance 4 November 2011
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Just Rosie (2011)
Classification Former; recurring
Other names Alfie
Occupation Model Agent

Jeff Cullen, played by Steven Houghton, first appears on 7 February 2011 when he approaches Gail McIntyre (Helen Worth) and Sally Webster (Sally Dynevor) in the Rovers and offers to buy them a drink. Gail initially shows interest in Jeff, but it soon becomes clear that Jeff is attracted to Sally, so Gail leaves them and goes home. After Gail has left, Jeff takes Sally out for dinner. A few days later, Sally finds her daughter Rosie Webster (Helen Flanagan) upset after supposedly being sacked from her job as a promotions girl on refusing to go through with a glamour modelling shoot. Sally storms round to Rosie's agency to confront her boss 'Alfie', only to discover Jeff was 'Alfie'. Jeff explains to Sally that Rosie had lied about being sacked, and she had in fact resigned from her job. Jeff has since enjoyed several dates with Sally, often ending up in the middle of public spats between Sally and her "estranged" husband Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell). In order to win points with Sally when he witnesses her giving half the £200,000 that Kevin won on a scratchcard in March, he offers a fortnight in Paris to Sally and winds Kev up about it. When he leaves for a bit, Sally apologises to Kevin for Jeff's attitude.

In May 2011, after a long weekend in Paris with Sally, Jeff proposes to her at the Bistro, she is shocked and tells him she is in no position to remarry after everything with Kevin. Later Jeff turns up at Number 4 where Kevin is staying while he recovers, Jeff accuses Sally of still having feelings for Kevin but an annoyed Sally tells him to stop being paranoid.

Jeff reappears several months later and rekindles his relationship with Sally, despite her having had a one-night stand with Kevin. However, Sophie (Brooke Vincent) and Rosie are unhappy because they want Sally to get back together with Kevin. Rosie devises a plan to split up Jeff and Sally: she dresses in revealing lingerie when Jeff calls to the house to see her about modelling work and deliberately spills a drink on his trousers. Just as she is trying to pull Jeff's trousers off, Sally walks through the door and immediately gets the impression that Jeff has been trying to seduce Rosie. Later, Rosie is forced to admit the truth and Sally reconciles with Jeff.

After Rosie is held hostage by John Stape (Graeme Hawley) in October 2011, Jeff encourages her to do an exclusive interview with The Weatherfield Gazette to further her modelling profile. However, unknownst to Rosie, Jeff provides the journalist with personal information about the private lives of the Webster family, including Sophie's sexuality, Sally breast cancer battle and Kevin's affair with Molly Dobbs (Vicky Binns). When the article appears, the family are humiliated and Sally orders Jeff to leave and never return.

Xin Proctor

Xin Proctor
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Elizabeth Tan
First appearance 14 February 2011
Episode 7535
Last appearance 13 June 2011
Episode 7624
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Waitress
Home London

Xin Proctor (née Chiang), played by Elizabeth Tan, is a friend of Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) and is the first Chinese character to feature in a regular role on Coronation Street.[8] She makes her first appearance on 14 February 2011, and departed the series on 13 June 2011.


The role of Xin was first reported in January 2011, as a friend of Tina who is set to move in with the barmaid and her boyfriend Graeme. As the serial's first Chinese character, bosses were said to have hoped Xin's arrival would broaden the show's multi-cultural appeal. They added "Manchester has a big Chinatown and it's a crime that Corrie bosses have ignored it for so long. They hope Xin becomes a big character and that a whole family can be introduced". It was also claimed Xin would bring "dark secrets".[9] It was later confirmed that former Doctor Who actress Elizabeth Tan had won the role and began filming on 10 January.[10] Tan said of her casting: "I was very excited to be offered a role on Coronation Street because it's such an iconic show with such a lot of talented actors".[11]

The UK Border Agency has praised Coronation Street for highlighting the issue of sham marriages in its latest storyline. Eddy Montgomery – North-West regional director of the UKBA – told the newspaper: "We are pleased to see the profile of our work raised and to see this sort of storyline being featured in the media. We have been really happy to work closely with Granada on this, as we have seen this cynical crime in action in the region."[12]


Xin is introduced as a 19-year-old waitress friend of Tina McIntyre's, who works at the Royal Panda restaurant. She is first mentioned by Tina on 11 February 2011 when Tina says that Xin got the job that she applied for at The Royal Panda. On Valentine's Day Graeme (Craig Gazey) and Tina go to the restaurant and meet Xin who is upset as she is getting very little pay and can not cope with all the bills she has to pay. They invite her to live with them, but after Dev finds out, he tells them if Xin moves in they will have to pay an extra£200, so Xin turns down the offer and leaves to go back to her flat.

She is next seen on 4 March 2011, when Graeme and Tina and David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) go to the restaurant where she is working at, Xin tells them she is not allowed to talk to them after what happened last time so they then leave. Later that day Kylie Turner (Paula Lane) suggests that Xin marry a British citizen. So Tina and Graeme stage a break up so Xin can marry Graeme.

In March 2011, Xin and Graeme invite Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire) and Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) for dinner and decorate the flat with Christmas decorations in order for people to believe they had a past and they then ask Norris and Emily to pose for a picture which they do. On 8 April 2011, Xin and Graeme are married before friends and neighbours, despite Norris's pledge to halt proceedings when he finds out about the sham. Tina persuades Norris to keep quiet until after the service, but she can't stop him from telling Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox), who is hurt by Tina's lies but promises not to tell anyone their secret as long as no one asks. Norris, however, makes no such promise. A few weeks later, Graeme and Xin receive a letter through the post informing them they are due a visit from an immigration official. He arrives the next day and interviews the couple separately about each other and their time together.

As they spend more time together, an attraction begins to form between the married couple. In June, after a staged argument at Xin's leaving party becomes all too real, Xin and Graeme admit their feelings to each other, before kissing and sleeping together. A conflicted Graeme then tries to patch things up with Tina before asking Xin for a divorce. However Graeme could not fight his feelings for Xin and so he dumps Tina. Tina is angrily heartbroken and throws all of Xin and Graeme's things. Xin and Graeme are then forced to stay at David's mother Gail's (Helen Worth) house, when David offers them to. Xin and Graeme prepares to move to London after Tina threatens to report them to the immigration authorities, however Tina forgives Graeme and tells him that she could never hate him, and watches as the couple leave the street in a cab.

Sylvia Goodwin

Sylvia Goodwin
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Stephanie Cole
Duration 2011–13
First appearance 11 April 2011
Last appearance 2 August 2013
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Waitress (2011–13)

Sylvia Goodwin (previously Cropper), played by Stephanie Cole, made her first on screen appearance on 11 April 2011. Sylvia is the mother of Roy Cropper (David Neilson) and arrives on the street to visit Roy and his wife Hayley. She is a very outspoken and confrontional woman.[13] Julie Hesmondhalgh, who plays Sylvia's daughter-in-law Hayley, admitted she was looking forward to the character's arrival. Further to earlier reports, Hesmondhalgh described Sylvia as "quite fierce".[14] During an August 2012 interview with Digital Spy's Daniel Kilkelly, series producer Phil Collinson revealed that Cole had taken a break from the soap due to an illness. He added that she would return the following year when she had made a full recovery.[15] Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail praised the character, saying, "Sylvia, who is a cross between Boudica and Attila the Hun, has been a godsend to the comedy of the show following the death of Maggie Jones, who played Blanche."[16] Stephen added Cole had brought "great poignancy" to the role, as witnessed in Sylvia's relationship with Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly).[16] For her portrayal of Sylvia, Cole won the "Best Comedy Performance" at the 2012 British Soap Awards.[17]

On 2 August 2013, it was confirmed that Cole had left Coronation Street and filmed her character's departure scenes.[18] Sylvia left on 2 August as part of Hayley's pancreatic cancer storyline.[18]

Stephanie Cole plays Sylvia Goodwin

Roy receives a letter from Sylvia informing him that his step-father has died. Roy tells Hayley that he did not care for the man and is not going to attend the funeral. Sylvia arrives in April on the day of the funeral to ask Roy why he didn't attend, even to support his mother. She is shocked to learn that Roy is now married. After Hayley discovers that Sylvia has been living in a run-down nursing home she tells Roy, who eventually offers her to live with them and also offers her a job in the café. Roy is not pleased with the idea of Sylvia looking after the café while he and Hayley go on holiday at first, but he later changes his mind. Sylvia finds Becky McDonald in the café, after she walks out on Steve. Sylvia goes round to The Rovers Return to get Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) to remove Becky from the café, but Becky refuses to forgive Steve. Sylvia urges Becky to return home as she is lucky to have a husband like Steve but this also fails. Sylvia is devastated to find out that Roy's wife, Hayley, is a transsexual and she finds it hard to deal with and decides to disown Roy and Hayley, but after Roy tells some home truths to his mother, Sylvia finally comes round, apologising to both Roy and Hayley for her behaviour.

Hayley books a holiday for herself and Roy, but he is uncertain about leaving the café with his mother, who tells him to relax because she has got Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) to help her. While Roy and Hayley are away, Sylvia introduces a new regime into the café by setting prices on condiments like milk, sugar and tomato sauce and even charging to use the café toilet and giving customers smaller portions on their plates. This upsets the likes of Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies), Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden), Karl Munro (John Michie) and Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire). Eventually, Norris decides to ruin Sylvia's ideas by staying in the café after it closes making Sylvia serve him, when Norris needs the toilet, Sylvia decides to lock him in the lavatory, leaving Norris for the night. When Emily goes into the Kabin to inform Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox) and Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) that Norris hasn't slept in his bed, they go to look for him, but can't find him. Sylvia decides to let Norris out before she opens the café, Noris then rushes to the Rovers where he finds Rita, Mary, Emily and Dennis Tanner (Philip Lowrie), and tells them what has happened and they storm around to the café where they tell Roy what has happened, Roy can't apologise enough and tells them that Mary, Norris, Dennis and Emily are welcome to a free meal after closing time with Sylvia acting as their waitress, much to her annoyance.

Sylvia realises that Anna has fallen for Owen and tells Owen to look after Anna because she has a heart of gold. Becky goes to the café to tell Hayley that Steve and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) are having twins, Becky breaks down in Hayley's arms and Sylvia also comforts Becky, with Sylvia telling her that Steve is stupid and has made the wrong decision, Becky then hugs Sylvia and Hayley and telling them how much they mean to her. Sylvia goes on a cruise after winning a competition by stealing Mary's slogan. Upon her return, Sylvia reveals she had a romance with Milton Fanshaw (Robert Vaughn). Sylvia regularly calls Milton, until Roy blocks the number as it was costing him too much. Milton turns up in Weatherfield to see Sylvia. Milton tries to buy the shop next door to Roy's, formerly owned by Ashley Peacock (Steven Arnold) until he was killed by the tram crash in December 2010. Milton plans to knock down the wall and extend Roy's Rolls, Sylvia is happy about the plan but Roy isn't and puts a stop to it, prompting Sylvia to say how disappointed she is in Roy. A couple of weeks later Milton decides to leave Weatherfield and return to America; he asks Sylvia to move with him, and she agrees. Roy does not show his disappointment, even when it comes to the day Sylvia leaves for America, though Hayley tries to get him to ask her to stay; he refuses, telling Hayley he does not want to rule his mother's life. Sylvia later returns to the café, having decided to stay. When Sylvia hears that Milton has broken his leg, she decides to fly out to Palm Springs to visit him.

Sylvia returns to the street in February 2013 and tells Roy and Hayley that it is just a flying visit, however a trunk arrives at the cafe and a stunned Sylvia opens it up to find all of her things in it, she then phones Milton, who sent the trunk to the cafe, and he tells her that although they had fun, he doesn't want her to go back there because someone else is looking after him, so Sylvia returns to working in the cafe. She then starts acting strangely and starts going out without telling Roy where she is going, Hayley assumes that she has got another man but Roy thinks otherwise, so he follows her and is surprised when she enters a casino, he learns of her gambling problems. Later on he discovers that she has lost £2,000 at the casino, so he tells her he will get it back, so Roy, Sylvia, Dennis Tanner and Ken Barlow (William Roache) head to the casino and using his mathematical skills, Roy wins back the £2,000, however, back at the cafe, she and Roy argue about more gambling and Roy walks out, upon his return Sylvia apologises and Roy gives her back her watch from the pawnbrokers.

In July 2013, when Hayley is first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Sylvia supports Hayley and encourages her to tell Roy, who at first is not aware of his wife's illness. Roy and Hayley then decide to go on holiday, travelling the country. While away, Sylvia chooses to leave Weatherfield and go and stay with her sister Jean in Hastings, leaving a note for Anna to find. Upon their return, Roy is furious at his mother's selfishness but Hayley encourages Roy not to be angry, saying that at a time of sadness, some people choose to look the other way rather than help.

After Hayley dies in January 2014 Roy leaves a note saying he is going to visit Sylvia and Jean. However, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) discovers that Roy did not go to Jean's and that Sylvia, currently holidaying in Tenerife, has had no contact with Roy since leaving Weatherfield.

In January 2016, Sylvia falls and breaks both her wrists while dancing. About to visit her children in Australia and unable to take care of her, Jean calls Roy and asks him to look after Sylvia. Roy is initially reluctant but Cathy encourages him to make peace with his mother, eventually he agrees and goes down to Hastings to look after her.

Stella Price

Main article: Stella Price

Stella Price (also Munro), played by Michelle Collins, made her debut screen appearance on 16 June 2011. The character and casting was announced on 15 April 2011.[19] Stella was introduced as the new landlady of the Rovers Return Inn public house[19] alongside her partner Karl Munro (John Michie) and daughter Eva Price (Catherine Tyldesley).[19][20] Of her casting, Collins said "I am honoured to be joining the cast of Coronation Street. The show has been part of my life since I was a child so to become a part of it is extremely exciting."[19] Stella is described as a "confident sort of woman"[21] who is strong, feisty and funny.[22] Upon Collins debut in Coronation Street, viewers criticised her northern accent.[23] However, Coronation Street producer, Phil Collinson defended Collins commenting "I think the landlady of the Rovers Return would have to be a Northern character, really, I don't think we could have had a Southerner running the pub."[23] Cast, including Kym Marsh (who plays Michelle Connor) and Anthony Cotton (who plays Sean Tully), also defended Collins.[24][25]

Karl Munro

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Karl Munro[26] first appeared on 17 June 2011 when he moves into The Rovers Return with his girlfriend, Stella (Michelle Collins) and her daughter, Eva (Catherine Tyldesley). In 2012, Karl embarked on an affair with Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati) after he struggled with his gambling addiction. Stella, Eva and her other daughter Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) discovered Karl and Sunita half-naked in The Rovers one night so Stella slapped Sunita. In 2013, Karl began a vendetta against Stella and her new toy-boy Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas), torching Jason's work van and trying to rape Stella. In March, Karl took things to the next level when he set fire to The Rovers, trapping himself, Stella and Sunita. Local firefighter Toni Griffiths (Tara Moran) was killed instantly in the blaze, but Sunita later died in hospital, after Karl pulled her oxygen tube out. Stella then went on to marry Karl, but it was revealed that he torched The Rovers, killed Sunita and has been terrorizing young Craig Tinker (Colson Smith). He made his final appearance on 13 September 2013, after being arrested and holding Stella and Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) hostage.

Eva Price

Main article: Eva Price

Eva Price, played by Catherine Tyldesley, made her first on screen appearance on 17 June 2011. The character and casting was announced on 4 May 2011.[27] During an interview with Digital Spy, Tyldesley revealed that there had been a lot of competition for the role of Eva and that she felt "incredibly lucky" to have secured the part.[28] Eva is Stella Price's (Michelle Collins) daughter. She moved into the Rovers Return Inn with her mother and her mother's boyfriend, Karl (John Michie).[27] Tyldesley described her character as being "a little bit of a princess. She's been spoiled rotten, so she's somewhat high maintenance and a little bit of a drama queen. She's definitely used to getting her own way."[28] Kate White of Inside Soap praised the character, saying "Sexy, sassy and often a proper bitch, Eva's by far the most interesting girl in Weatherfield right now. She's got the makings of a classic Corrie woman. Think Karen, think Bet."[29]

Beth Tinker

Main article: Beth Tinker

Beth Pauline Sutherland (née Tinker), played by Lisa George, made her first on screen appearance on 5 August 2011.[30][31] The character and George's casting was announced on 4 August 2011.[31] The actress told a writer for the Grimsby Telegraph that the role of Beth came up while she was touring nursing homes in Glasgow with her musical act.[31] George said "I was delighted they asked me to audition for the role as I saw a lot of friendly faces again, who I have worked with before."[31] George appeared in Coronation Street three times before her latest stint as Beth.[31] Beth initially appears as Steve McDonald's (Simon Gregson) "nightmare date" for two episodes.[31] On 10 October 2011, announced Beth would be returning to Coronation Street.[32] Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail said Beth filled "the humour gap" left by Cilla Battersby-Brown (Wendi Peters).[33]

Craig Tinker

Craig Tinker
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Colson Smith
Duration 2011–
First appearance 5 August 2011
Introduced by Phil Collinson
What Would Kirk Do? (2014–15)[34]
Classification Present; regular
Occupation Student
Window cleaner's apprentice (2015-)
Home 5 Coronation Street

Craig Tinker, played by Colson Smith, made his first screen appearance on 5 August 2011.[35] In July 2013, Peter Dyke and Katie Begley from the Daily Star reported that Craig would "fall foul" of Karl Munro (John Michie).[36] Karl is trying to keep the fact that he started a fire at The Rovers Return a secret, but soon realises that Craig has some information that could expose him.[36] Karl embarks on "a sinister campaign" to get Craig on his side by befriending him and buying him computer games.[36] Craig soon goes missing from Weatherfield and Karl is questioned by the police.[36] A show spokesperson commented "Craig is the key to his freedom because he knows stuff regarding Karl and the night of the fire. So has Craig run away – or has Karl decided to get him under control once and for all?"[36]

Craig is Beth Tinker's (Lisa George) teenage son. He accompanies his mother to her date with Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) at the Bistro, where the trio are thrown out. Craig and Beth later move into 13 Coronation Street with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford). Craig brings his pet rat Darryl with him, which Tracy dislikes. A few months later, Beth, Craig and Tracy are evicted. Beth and Craig move into the flat above Barlow's Bookies, but when Beth begins dating Kirk Sutherland (Andrew Whyment), they move in with him.

In mid-2013, Craig begins acting very strangely. He begins avoiding Beth and Kirk and soon reveals to Karl Munro (John Michie) that he had been at the back of The Rovers Return moments before it went up in flames. Craig says he'd thrown a cigarette away when Karl, who was the arsonist, came out, so Karl tries to reassure him that victim Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati) burned down the building. However, Craig plans to turn himself in so Karl tricks him into thinking that he had started the fire so nobody would find out his secret. Later, Craig begins to become depressed and Karl starts to take advantage of Craig, such as giving him his phone number and buying him treats. Beth confronts Karl, who says he did it as a one-off. Craig then bunks off school and eventually disappears. Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas), Karl's enemy, and Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) start to become suspicious about Karl befriending Craig so suddenly. Karl tracks him down and threatens to kill him if he pulls any more stunts. When he is re-united with Beth and Kirk, Craig claims he is being bullied. The 'bullies' then threaten Craig, but Karl witnesses this and explodes with anger, increasing more suspicion. When Dev tries to talk to Craig, Beth intervenes as she assumes they're in trouble with Dev for shoplifting. After Beth forces Craig into telling her, Kirk, Jason and Dev what's wrong, Craig finally tells Jason, Dev, Beth and Kirk about the incident. The five then work together to bring Karl down, with Dev going to the registry office where Stella Price (Michelle Collins) and Karl are getting married to stop them, while the others go to the police station to make a statement. Despite Dev failing to stop the wedding, Karl is arrested after kindapping Dev and Stella. Craig avoids Stella when she tries to apologise for everything Karl put him through.

Craig discovers that Faye Windass is being bullied at school and he supports her, as he has been bullied previously for being overweight. Craig looks on-line to discover the reasons for Faye's weight gain and he realizes that she may be pregnant. Faye takes a pregnancy test and it confirms that she is pregnant, which she becomes upset and terrified over. Craig is beside Faye to support her.

In April 2015, Faye goes into labour and she pleads for her mum to be with her. Craig finds Anna and Owen and he alerts them that Faye is in trouble. Faye is taken to hospital, where she gives birth to a baby girl. Craig is questioned by his mother about the possibility of him being the father of Faye's baby. Craig promises that he is not the father and he was only supporting her through the final months of her pregnancy because he is one of Faye's closest friends. After attempting to attack Craig, following the accusations of him being the father of Faye's baby and hitting Kirk Sutherland in the process, Owen is reported and arrested for assault. In June 2015 Craig starts acting weird and creeping out of the house at night. Beth starts to suspect that he is a drug addict, however when she searches his bag she founds spraypaints. Craig shows Beth and Kirk that he has been painting a memorial, for Maddie Heath, who died in the Victoria Court fire. He later admits to painting on Sally Webster's wall. Beth and Kirk cheer him on. In August, Craig goes on a camping trip with Beth, Kirk, Sinead, Fiz, Tyrone, wilderness explorer Dougie Ryan, and Dougie's daughter Caitlin, who falls in love with him. They begin dating once Caitlin arrives in Weatherfield but she later decides to end their relationship so that she can study at university.

In 2016 Craig has an attack of cowardice during a failed robbery (in which Kylie is killed) but later redeems himself by showing great courage when Gemma is threatened. This inspires him to apply to become a Special Constable but he is turned down on account of his having a criminal father. This is news to Craig, who is angry that Beth never told him. Faye writes to Craig's father, who subsequently contacts Craig asking him to visit him in prison. Despite Beth's objections Craig goes to the prison, but is dismayed to find that his father only wanted him to supply him with drugs. He also tells Craig that he is still married to Beth and that her marriage to Kirk is therefore invalid. Still angry with his mother, Craig reports her to the police for bigamy.

Sam Foster

Sam Foster
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Paul Clayton
First appearance 4 September 2011
Last appearance 26 September 2011
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former; recurring

Sam Foster, played by Paul Clayton, made his first on screen appearance on 4 September 2011.[37] The character and casting was announced on 4 August 2011.[37] Clayton previously appeared in Coronation Street as Mal Quillan in 2005.[37] Sam is married to Anne (Gwen Taylor) and is the father of Frank (Andrew Lancel). Of Sam and his wife, a show spokesperson said "Sam and Anne are pretty full -on characters, like Frank. No sooner have they arrived than they're talking grandchildren which instantly freaks Carla out and tensions soon rise."[37]

Sam and his wife arrive in Coronation Street from France to celebrate Frank's engagement to Carla Connor (Alison King). Following a car accident involving Frank and Carla, Sam goes to the hospital with Anne. Sam is disappointed with Frank after he admits to crashing the car, not Carla. Frank later tells his parents the wedding is off, as Carla has ended their relationship. When Carla accuses Frank of raping her, Sam and Anne appear at his court hearing. Sam is forced to hold his wife back, when she shouts abuse at Carla. The following year, Sam has a heart attack and dies.

Anne Foster

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Anne Foster, played by Gwen Taylor, made her first on screen appearance on 4 September 2011.[37] The character and casting was announced on 4 August 2011.[37] Taylor revealed she had found her first day on set "terrifying", but she quickly settled in.[38] Anne is married to Sam (Paul Clayton) and is the mother of Frank (Andrew Lancel).[37] Of Sam and his wife, a show spokesperson said "Sam and Anne are pretty full -on characters, like Frank. No sooner have they arrived than they're talking grandchildren which instantly freaks Carla out and tensions soon rise."[37] Of Anne, the Daily Mail's Jaci Stephen said "Frank's mother, Anne, has also been a great addition to the cast, even though she has recovered from the sudden death of her husband with remarkable speed."[39] A reporter for the Western Mail branded Anne a "pompous matriarch".[40]

Kirsty Soames

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Kirsty Soames, played by Natalie Gumede, made her first on screen appearance on 7 September 2011. Kirsty was introduced as a love interest for Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).[41][42] While interviewed on This Morning series producer Phil Collinson said that Kirsty's arrival marked the start of a "big storyline" for Tyrone. He added that Tyrone's involvement with Kirsty would not be a "smooth ride".[41] On being cast in the soap, Gumede stated "From the moment I read the script, I knew I was going to love playing Kirsty and I can't wait to see how the story unfolds."[43] For her portrayal of Kirsty, Gumede won Best Newcomer at the 2012 British Soap Awards.[44]

Lesley Kershaw

Lesley Kershaw
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Judy Holt
Duration 2011–12
First appearance 17 October 2011
Last appearance 11 May 2012
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former; recurring

Lesley Kershaw, played by Judy Holt, made her first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 17 October 2011.[45] Lesley is married to Paul Kershaw (Tony Hirst).[46] In April 2012, cast members were spotted filming Lesley's funeral at a crematorium in Manchester.[47] The storyline comes shortly after Paul places Lesley in a care home due to difficulties looking after her.[47] Anne Richardson of The Sun said "As Paul will soon have to say a heartbreaking final farewell to his wife, viewers will be left to wonder whether he now has a long-term future with Eileen."[47] In April 2012, it was announced Lesley would be killed off.[47] She made her last appearance on 11 May 2012.[48]

Lesley's husband, Paul, starts dating Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) and the two women are initially unaware of each other until Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou) tells Eileen that he saw Paul with a woman in the supermarket. Eileen confronts Paul and he explains that Lesley has Alzheimer's disease, and Paul finds it hard to cope. They agree to be friends so when Lesley starts to act violently, Paul confides in Eileen and Lesley goes missing soon afterwards but Eileen finds her. Eileen invites Paul and Lesley for a Christmas drink, but Lesley becomes increasingly confused and continuously asks to go home. In January, Eileen agrees to look after Lesley while Paul works. Lesley talks to Marcus and seems to take a liking to him but when alone with Eileen, Lesley becomes irritated and turns on the television with high volume. She constantly asks where Paul is and then tries to leave Eileen's house. When Eileen stops her, Lesley becomes erratic and starts destroying things. Eileen calls Paul and he comes to collect her and offers to pay for the damage but Eileen refuses. Eileen goes to visit Paul that night and he explains that he has booked a one-night stay at a home for Lesley for his own good. Eileen agrees with him and says he needs a break.

Paul's house is flooded due to faulty water mains so Eileen invites Lesley and Paul to stay with her, angering her son, Jason (Ryan Thomas). Lesley spots Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) blowing bubbles outside and they go to the park. Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) finds them and brings them home, where Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) shouts at Lesley for going off with her daughter so Paul puts Lesley in a care home. Lesley later leaves the care home and goes home but Paul collects her and brings her back to Eileen's. Lesley refuses to return to the care home and when Paul tries to force her into his car, she slips and sprains her wrist. She later calls the police claiming Eileen is hurting her, but the policeman leaves when Paul and Eileen explains that Lesley is ill. While she is being looked after by Eileen, Lesley becomes agitated and punches her. Eileen leaves her alone and Lesley tries to make herself some cheese on toast. However, she picks up the toaster and drops it in the sink, electrocuting herself. Eileen finds Lesley on the kitchen floor and she is pronounced dead by the paramedics.

Danny Stratton

Danny Stratton
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Jeremy Sheffield
Duration 2011–12
First appearance 16 December 2011
Last appearance 23 January 2012
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former; recurring
Occupation Hotel manager
Home Barbados

Danny Stratton, played by Jeremy Sheffield, made his first on screen appearance on 16 December 2011.[49] The character and Sheffield's casting was announced on 14 October 2011.[50] The official Coronation Street website at said Danny would be introduced as a potential love interest for Becky McDonald (Katherine Kelly), who is trying to forge a new life without her ex-husband.[50] Cara Lee from The Sun reported Danny would play a key part in "the dramatic storyline which leads to Becky's exit" from the show in early 2012.[51] Of Sheffield's casting, producer Phil Collinson said "I'm delighted to be welcoming Jeremy to the cast. Danny will be integral to the unmissable final chapter of the Steve/Becky/Tracy love triangle. It's thrilling that such a key character will be in the hands of such a fine actor."[50] Sheffield began filming his first scenes as Danny on 24 November 2011.[52] The actor admitted to being nervous when he first started filming, but he said having friends in the cast really helped.[53] Danny departed on 23 January 2012.[54]

Danny first encounters Becky when she and her ex-husband, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) set up a meeting with him to discuss a potential contract between his hotel and their taxi firm.[55] Danny sets his sights on Becky and arranges a date with her. However, he is left disappointed when she cancels it after a run in with Steve.[53] Sheffield said Danny is very understanding after Becky cancels their date as he knows she is caught up in the situation with Steve. Danny is patient and decides to wait for Becky because he feels strongly for her.[53] Of Danny's attraction to Becky, Sheffield told Katy Moon of Inside Soap "Danny and Becky are from completely different backgrounds - they're like chalk and cheese, yet they find those differences exciting. There's a lot of humour between them too. Danny finds her quirky and quite funny, and he delights in that."[53]

Becky later goes to see Danny, but is shocked when she sees him with another woman and a young boy who calls him 'Dad'. Sheffield revealed his character is a widower whose wife died four years ago. The young boy is his son, Billy (Wade Sayers), and the woman is his sister.[53] Becky goes to leave and Danny catches up with her and explains the situation. Sheffield explained Danny has been through tragedy and although he has met many women since his wife's death, he has not found The One.[53] A lot of the women he has met have had problems with him being a single father, which is why he did not tell Becky about Billy sooner.[53] Sheffield added Danny has a feeling he can introduce Becky to Billy and it will be okay. The actor said "Danny's delighted by her reaction and her instant connection to his son. It only adds to his attraction to her."[53] Danny reveals to Becky that he is being transferred to Barbados and he has decided to go. Sheffield told Sally Brockway of Soaplife that Danny thinks the transfer is a great opportunity, but it is really bad timing.[56] He is torn about whether to stay or go because of Becky. Sheffield said "He's devastated because he saw it as a chance of happiness of the sort that doesn't come along very often."[56] Danny decides to ask Becky to come with him.[56]

Jaci Stephen of the Daily Mail branded Danny "nice, but boring" and said he was a character least likely to last in the show.[57]

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Lucca-Owen Warwick
Duration 2011–15
First appearance 23 December 2011
Last appearance 20 March 2015
Introduced by Phil Collinson
Classification Former; recurring
Home Portugal

Joseph Peter Brown, played by Lucca-Owen Warwick, made his first on screen appearance on 23 December 2011.[59] Joseph is the son of Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) and Katy Armstrong (Georgia May Foote).

Foote was both shocked and excited when she heard her character would be giving birth near to Christmas time.[60] Of filming the labour scenes, Foote told Daniel Kilkelly of Digital Spy "I was really nervous leading up to doing the scenes, and there was quite a long wait to do them. We filmed the storyline out of sequence, so I filmed quite a lot of scenes which take place after the baby arrives before I'd actually filmed the birth. But then the shoot for these scenes finally came up."[60] The actress said it was strange, but she had support from Debbie Rush (who plays Anna Windass) and a midwife.[60] Katy goes into labour while she is playing Mary in a nativity play and Foote said she is quite shocked when she realises the baby is coming.[60] Katy is also scared because she is not giving birth in a hospital, which would be more comfortable for her.[60] While Katy is giving birth, Chesney is trying to get to the community centre in time. In his absence, Anna helps support Katy.[60] When asked if she was pleased with the baby's name, Joseph Peter, Foote said "I'm surprised it's not Jesus! They've obviously gone for the next best thing instead by choosing Joseph. It's a nice name, and then they've chosen Peter as a way of remembering Schmeichel the dog, so that's really nice too."[60] Foote added she had found working with the baby who plays Joseph really good and she had had practice with a baby before when her character looked after Chesney's young niece.[60]

Shortly after Chesney and Katy begin living together, Katy decides she wants a baby and falls pregnant.[61] Her father, Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies), is not pleased and offers to take Katy to an abortion clinic. Katy considers the idea when she thinks Chesney has left her, but she chooses to keep her baby. Katy goes into labour while acting in the Christmas nativity play. Chesney is out delivering Christmas trees and rushes back to be with her. Anna Windass and Fiz Stape (Jenny McAlpine) help deliver the baby boy. Katy and Chesney name their son, Joseph Peter. After the birth, Katy struggles to look after Joseph. She leaves him alone when she realises she that she needs to go to the bank, but gets back in time to meet Chesney. Katy asks Faye Butler (Ellie Leach) to look after Joseph, while she goes out. Faye tries to cook herself some food and when she goes outside to empty the bin, she gets locked out and a fire starts. Owen breaks in and saves Joseph, telling Chesney that he will look after him. Katy doubts her parenting skills, but after talking to her sister, she and Chesney continue to raise Joseph together.

In 2013, Joseph's family falls apart when Katy has an affair with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras). At first, he mainly lives with Katy, although he then started to visit his father, Chesney, and his new girlfriend Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) more frequently. When Katy ends her relationship with Ryan, she moves in with her father Owen and his partner, Anna, along with Joseph. When Katy's mother returns out of the blue, she offers Katy the chance to live in Portugal with her. Despite refusing to see Joseph go, Chesney tells Katy that Joseph should go for a better life. Joseph leaves with Katy to Portugal. Chesney and Sinead visit Joseph later on in the year.


Character Date(s) Episode(s) Actor Circumstances
Doctor 3 January 7505–7506 Duncan Holmes[62] A doctor who treated Tracy Barlow upon her admission to hospital following an attack.
Darren 7 January 7508–7509 Naithan Ariane[62] Estate agent hired by Kevin Webster to value the family's house and all their possessions.
Miguel 7509 uncredited Hairdresser at Claudia Colby's salon, Miguel prepares Audrey Roberts before her haircut.
Nigel 7509 James Holmes[62] Camp hairdresser at Claudia Colby's salon, Nigel takes care of customer Marc Selby in the next chair from Audrey Roberts.
Sign Erector 10 January 7510 Jimmy Gallagher[63] A man hired by Kevin Webster to erect a 'For Sale' sign outside number four. Sally Webster subsequently throws the sign across the street and orders him to leave.
Clifford 10 January – 4 February
16 May[64]
7511–7528; 7602 Dave Dutton[63] A neighbour of Joy Fishwick who calls round for her just before she dies. John Stape bumps into Clifford a couple of days later, and Clifford voices concern over Joy. He breaks into her house and pronounces her dead. Clifford later attends Joy's funeral. A few months later Clifford catches Chesney Brown sneaking around Joy's house, and Chesney questions Clifford, uncovering John's web of lies over the events.
Billy Matheson 14–24 January 7513–7520 Neil Bell[63] An acquaintance of Chris Gray, who Chris hires to carry out a couple of burglaries including Janice Battersby's flat, as payback for Chris keeping Billy out of prison.
Landlord 17 January 7516 Brendan Charleson[65] Landlord of the Flying Horse pub, where Ciaran McCarthy is applying for a job as chef. He attempts to break up an argument between Ciaran and Nick Tilsley, who is found buying Peter Barlow a drink. Ciaran tells him he no longer wants the job and the landlord orders them to leave.
Kate Quinn 20 January 7517 Lizzie Roper[65] Quinny's parents. They arrive to hear Gary Windass's story of how Quinny died. When Gary finishes, he breaks down in tears in his mother Anna's arms.
Ian Quinn Christopher Middleton[65]
Gaz 20–21 January 7517–7518 Dominic Coleman[65] Rovers customer at the singles night, a drunk Janice Battersby tells him how she'd been let down by her daughter on a holiday they'd booked, and she is surprised when Gaz invites her along on holiday with him the next day.
Phil Dickinson 20 January 7517 Stephen Swift[65] Insurance rep who comes to assess the damage to number eleven. A misunderstanding with Jason Grimshaw leads to a bloody nose, and Phil leaves without completing the job.
Cashier 21–24 January 7518–7520 Donna Berlin[65] Cashier who serves Eileen Grimshaw when she pays in a stolen cheque for £10,000. Eileen laters returns to cancel the cheque but is refused.
Police Officer 1 21 January 7519 Rob Hughes[65] Policeman who carries out a random drugs search on Gary Windass. When he does not comply, he lashes out and is arrested for assault.
Police Officer 2 21 January
11 April
7519; 7576 Anthony Crank[65] Originally seen arresting Gary Windass in January, the policeman appears again in April when he escorts Liz and Steve McDonald to accompany police as Jim takes hostages in a foiled bank robbery attempt.
Solicitor 24 January 7520 Buckso Dhillon-Woolley[66] Gary Windass' solicitor when he is charged for assault.
PC Yates 24–28 January
9 June[67]
7520–7524; 7620 Simon Hayward[66] Policeman investigating a spate of burglaries, he suspects Lloyd Mullaney is involved. He later turns up at Streetcars with a warrant to search the place for stolen goods. However, the next day, Yates informs Lloyd that they have arrested Billy Matheson.
Shop assistant 24 January 7520 Marvin Brown[66] Helped Owen Armstrong pick out a new computer, but Owen's card was declined.
Sarah 24 January – 21 February 7521–7541 uncredited Faye Butler's foster mother.
Gemma 27–31 January 7522–7526 Asha Kingsley[68] Woman who comes to view the Webster house. She is confronted by Sally Webster, who tries to put her off buying. Gemma returns a few days later with her boyfriend, and Sally invites the Windasses round in another attempt to put them off.
Legal Investigator 28–31 January 7523–7526 David Lonsdale[68] A man who turns up at number five and asks for "Mr Fishwick". Fiz Stape answers and pretends she is "Mrs Fishwick". The man informs her of Joy's death, and tells Fiz that her husband "Colin" is the sole beneficiary in Joy's will.
Janine 28 January 7523 Sarah Totty Nurse assisting Dr Chadderton.
CO 7524 Rod Culbertson Army sergeant who dismissed Gary Windass.
Nurse 31 January 7526 Sohm Kapila[68] Nurse at the hospital when Fiz Stape visits her daughter Hope.
Ben Dean 3–4 February
22 April
7527–7528; 7583 Tony Aitken[68] Solicitor for Joy Fishwick. Following Joy's death, he meets with Fiz Stape, who is posing as Joy's daughter-in-law, and invites her to the funeral, which he attends the next day.
Reverend Gilmour 4 February 7528 Oliver Roland[68] Reverend who conducts Joy Fishwick's funeral.
Jeff's PA 11 February 7533 Maxine Fone[69] Personal assistant to Jeff Cullen, she manned the desk when Sally Webster came to confront Jeff.
Croupier 21 February
29 May
7541; 7612 Rachael McGuinness[70] A croupier at a local casino, she has served both Steve McDonald and Dev Alahan.
DC Tyler 25 February 7543–7544 Paul Kynman[70] Detective investigating Owen Armstrong claims of fraud against Eileen Grimshaw. He arrests Eileen, but releases her with a caution when she admits her guilt.
Colette Hankinson 7544 Martina Laird[70] Eileen Grimshaw's brief when she is arrested for fraud. Colette advises her to plead guilty.
Edna Hargreaves 7 March 7550–7551 Elsie Kelly[71] Mrs Hargreaves is a client at Audrey Roberts' salon, she has taken a liking for David Platt, who she says has magic fingers. David is not too keen on 'randy' Edna, and takes an early lunch to avoid her. She is later found dead whilst under the hair dryer by Emily Bishop, having died of natural causes.
Doctor 11 March 7554 Julia Sandiford[71] Doctor treating Sophie Webster when she is admitted to hospital in March after falling from a church roof.
Receptionist Christina Tam[71] Receptionist in A&E when Sophie Webster is admitted, she helps the frantic Webster family find Sophie.
Raymond 24 March 7562 Tony Pritchard[72] Raymond is a businessman who introduces himself to Liz McDonald when she is sitting alone in a hotel bar. When Liz rejects his advances, he insults her.
Mark Bright 25 March – 18 April 7563–7581 Paul Albertson[72] Kevin Webster's solicitor in his divorce to Sally. He infuriates Sally when he employs 'underhand tactics' by citing her affair with Ian Davenport as why she shouldn't be given a share of Kevin's recent lottery winnings.
Jane Bridley Maureen Lunt[72] Sally Webster's solicitor in her divorce to Kevin.
Duggie 1 April 7568 Justin Moorhouse[73] Duggie delivers a car to Sally Webster as a present from Kevin. He is dumbstruck when Sally refuses to accept the gift.
Bank clerk 4 April 7570 Greg Aled[74] A clerk who interrupts Fiz Stape to tell her of the latest offers at the bank as she is withdrawing money from the deceased Joy Fishwick's account.
Spoony 11 April 7575 Joe O'Byrne[75] A convicted murderer and former cellmate of Jim McDonald's who owes him a favour. Spoony gives Jim a shotgun, which he later uses in an armed robbery.
Suzanne Holbrook 11 April – 25 June 7575–7625 Olivia Carruthers[75][76] Mrs Holbrook is a solicitor who comes to sort out the details of the sale of the Rovers Return. She is forced to leave when Liz McDonald is called away by the police. Holbrook later returns when Steve secretly reports himself and Becky to social services, acting in the best interests of his daughter he asks for advice. Suzanne appears again a few weeks later as Steve successfully tricks Tracy Barlow into signing forms to give him legal access to his daughter Amy.
Cashier 11 April 7575–7576 Perveen Hussain[75] Cashier at the bank who is confronted by an armed Jim McDonald. She presses the alert button to call the police before collecting the money he asked for from the safe.
Bank customer 7575–7576 Arran Topham[75] A young man at the bank who attempts to stop Jim McDonald as he gets away with the money.
Police Officer 2 7576 Steve Sissons[75] A police officer at the scene of Jim McDonald's robbery.
Police Negotiator 7576 Ryan Early[75] An officer who tries to reason with Jim McDonald on the phone as he holds hostages at the bank, with hesitation he allows Liz McDonald to talk Jim down instead.
Process Server 15 April 7579 Neil Ashton[75] A man who serves Kevin Webster with an injunction freezing his recent lottery winnings from being moved or withdrawn until a settlement has been reached.
Judge 18 April 7580–7581 Michael Mueller[77] Judge overseeing the Websters' court case.
DC Malone 21 April 7584 Olwen May[77] Police officers who take a statement from Maria Connor after she reports Frank Foster for attempting to rape her. They arrest Frank, but later release him due to lack of evidence.
DC Furber Kris Mochrie[77]
Carer Donna Lythgoe[77] Carer at a run-down retirement home in which Sylvia Goodwin is staying following the death of her husband.
Jools Creme 24 April 7585 Ben Allen[78] Jools is the millionaire boyfriend of Todd Grimshaw. They come up from London at Easter to visit Todd's family and spend the day with them.
Neighbour 25 April 7586 Sharlene Whyte[78] A neighbour of Alan and Dorothy Hoyle who encounters John Stape as he knocks at their door.
Police Officer Amy Searles[78] A female officer who answers Fiz Stape's call when she reports John missing. She leaves when Fiz receives a call from Alan Hoyle asking her to come and pick him up.
Bob Stephenson 29 April 7589–7590 Paul Leonard[78] Bob is an immigration official who comes to interview Graeme and Xin Proctor about their recent marriage, and ends up having his car smashed into by Mary Taylor's camper van. Bob disapproves of that day's royal wedding festivities.
Alex 7590 Shaun Prendergast Alex is the teacher of a pottery class which Ken and Deirdre Barlow attend. While Ken is put out that his pottery skills aren't as great as he'd hoped and blames Alex for his failure, Deirdre is delighted to have found something at which she is better.
PC Sharon Grant 1 May 7591 Susi Wrenshaw[79] Policewoman who responded to a call by Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow when their daughter Amy went missing on a daytrip in Blackpool.
Mike Leeman Graham Walker[79] Landlord of a one star hotel which Steve McDonald, Tracy Barlow and Amy Barlow were forced to stay at for the night when Steve's taxi was towed in Blackpool.
Transvestite 5 May 7594 Justin Watson-Hermes[79] A friend of Marc Selby's, whose alter-ego Marcia causes problems when he bumps into Audrey Roberts on a night out after Marc had vowed to quit his cross-dressing.
Drayman 9 May— 7597— Ian Burfield[80] A drayman at the Rovers who briefly shared a joke with Steve McDonald.
Phoebe 9 May 7598 Samantha Riley[80] Phoebe is chatted up by Tyrone Dobbs, but when he stumbles on his words and accidentally insults her, she leaves.
Dr Cole Clive Wedderburn[80] The doctor treating Amy Barlow when she admitted to hospital following persistent vomiting.
Practice Nurse 12 May 7599 Deborah Brian[80] Nurse at the Health Centre, she treats Amy Barlow for a suspected milk allergy.
Rachel uncredited A volunteer raising money for the soup kitchen run by James Cunningham.
Janet White 16 May 7602 Sanchia McCormack[64] Janet and Rob are charity workers looking to open a hostel for the homeless in Weatherfield. They offer Sian Powers and Sophie Webster the chance to view how their project in Nottingham works. When a naïve Sophie transfers £20,000 to Rob's bank account to help buy the hostel, the couple vanish and the girls realise they've been conned. It is later reported that the couple have been arrested.
Rob White 16 May – 11 July 7602–7644 Jonty Stephens[64]
Consultant 20 May 7606 Naomi Allisstone[64] A consultant who treats Kevin Webster upon his admission to hospital following an accident at his garage.
Doctor Samantha Best[64] A doctor at the maternity ward who sees Fiz and John Stape and their daughter Hope for a check up.
Technician David Keeling[64] A technician who arrives to inspect a car lift which had been responsible for crushing Kevin Webster earlier that day. He informs Kevin's business partner Tyrone Dobbs that the machinery was tampered with.
Drainage Engineer 23 May 7608 Steve Cooper[81] An engineer who Carla Connor hires to inspect the drainage system at the factory. He informs her that there are serious problems, and that the drains will have to be dug up and laid again.
Cleaner Sarah Jane Corrigan[81] A cleaner who arrives at the Hoyles' home while John Stape has Alan and Dorothy Hoyle locked up in the basement. He tells her that he is a relation of theirs and that her services are no longer required.
Roberta Kite 30 May – 2 June 7513–7516 Helen Griffin Social worker Roberta arrives to follow up on a call secretly made by Steve McDonald as to the living arrangements of his nephew Max Turner. She speaks to both the McDonalds and Max's mother Kylie Platt and her husband David, and Kylie reveals the truth about how Steve and Becky paid Kylie to leave Max and flee the country. When the lies unravel, it is decided to temporarily take Max into foster care.
Paramedic 31 May 7614 Emma Christie A female paramedic who is called when Fiz Stape discovers her brother Chesney Brown and Alan and Dorothy Hoyle locked in the Hoyle's basement by her Fiz's husband John.
PC Allie Fisher 2 June 7616 uncredited A police officer who arrives at the Rovers with social worker Roberta Kite after Becky McDonald unlawfully goes to see her nephew Max while he is in foster care.
Doctor 3–6 June 7617–7618 Jethro Skinner[67] A doctor who is seen when Fiz Stape is admitted to hospital following a car accident.
Police officer 3 June 7617 Jackie Fielding A female officer on the case of a missing John Stape.
Woman Enid Dunn A woman John Stape meets in the hospital lift on the way up to the roof with his daughter Hope Stape. She makes small talk with a stone-faced John.
Fiz's solicitor 6 June – 4 July 7619–7639 Dominic Geraghty[67] Solicitor for Fiz Stape as she is arrested for her part in John Stape's multiple crimes.
Police officer 6 June 7619 Giles Ford[67] Policeman who orders work at the factory to cease while investigations into Colin Fishwick's death continue.
Judge 9 June 7620 Louise Gold[67] The judge at Fiz Stape's bail hearing, which she grants.
CPS solicitor Charlotte Palmer[67] The solicitor for the case against Fiz Stape, she recommends bail is not granted on the grounds that Fiz is likely to abscond.
Sheila 16 June 7625 Sherry Ormerod[76] Kooky Sheila arrives for an interview for the job as pub manager, but loses out to the next candidate, Stella Price.
Will 16–27 June 7625–7633 Chris Brazier A friend and ex-colleague of Izzy Armstrong.[26] Will and Izzy meet up a few times, but Izzy's boyfriend Gary Windass gets jealous and screens her calls before sending Will away when he called round at the flat. Izzy was later furious when she found out.
Receptionist 17 June 7626 Donna Henry[76] Receptionist at a hotel which Becky McDonald is staying at. After refusing to give out Becky's room number to Steve, she takes a phonecall complaining about the noise in Becky's room.
Noodle 7627 Chris Brett[76] A friend of Becky McDonald's, who joined her for a rowdy party held in her hotel room.
Hotel Manager Roger Ringrose[76] A hotel manager where Becky McDonald is staying. When he received one too many complaints, he ordered Becky and all her friends to leave.
Sandeesh 23 June 7630 Fiona Wade[82] A client for Carla Connor.
Sign writer Ian Donnelly[82] A sign writer who meets Sophie Webster, Sunita Alahan and Sally Webster, Sophie's mother.
Raider 24 June 7632 James Oates[82] A masked man who raids the bookies and threatens Leanne Barlow. Before he can hurt her, Stella Price races in and disarms the man, before he escapes.
Imelda 1 July 7633–7634 Charlene Shaw A stripper friend of Becky McDonald's, who is hired for Jason Grimshaw's birthday celebrations in the Rovers. When the noise levels cause Ken Barlow to bring the party to a halt, Imelda gives Ken a performance of his own before the pub descends into a riot.
Rocky Everal A Walsh[83] Imelda's boyfriend and manager and friend of Becky McDonald. When a riot breaks out, Rocky is at the centre of the disturbance.
Prison Officer 4–7 July 7639–7640 Craig Whittaker A prison officer who's less than pleasant when he introduces Fiz Stape to her new home.
Ginny Portis 7–8 July; 15 August- 7640–7641 Ashley McGuire Cellmate of Fiz Stape, she breaks the news bluntly that the previous occupant had committed suicide days before. In August she had a drug overdose.
Auctioneer 8 July 7641 Charles McCurdy An auctioneer who is meant to be auctioning a safe house for the homeless, and he informs Sophie Webster and Sian Powers that no such auction is taking place.
Builder Rory Gallagher A builder who Sophie and Sian meet at the site of the soup kitchen, which had recently been vacated without their knowledge. He helps the girls to realise that they've been scammed.
Police Officer 11 July 7643–7644 Clifford Barry The officer who answers the call of Kevin Webster when Sophie reveals she has inadvertently lost him £20,000.
Jasper 7644 Ross Grant A genial barman at an LGBT-friendly bar in which Marc Selby takes Audrey Roberts on a night out.
Aaron Chris Stanton Aaron is a transvestite friend of Marc Selby, and Christine his wife. Marc introduces the couple to Audrey in an attempt to help her understand his life as Marcia.
Christine Angela McHale
Simon Shaw 14 July 7645 James Bradshaw A surveyor who James Cunningham hires in an attempt to remortage the Barlow home from under them.
Anthony 15–18 July 7647–7649 Sam Barriscale Anthony is the manager of Weatherfield supermarket Frescos. In supervising a photoshoot for an ad campaign, he casts Dylan Wilson and Marcus Dent when Marcus' boyfriend Sean Tully cannot get time off work. On the photoshoot, Anthony takes a shine to Marcus and when Sean skips work and turns up, Anthony asks him to leave. Although Sean takes the hint, Anthony's attitude towards Sean causes Marcus to quit the shoot.
Nurse 15 July 7647 Denise Kennedy
Doctor Paul Elsam
Postman 18 July 7648 Dermot Daly
Grant 7648–7649 Seth Lee
Youth 22 July 7651 Sam Walker
Lindsay Stanton 25 July 7654 Janine Mellor
Ruth Walsh 15 August–5 September Rebecca Callard[84] Ruth is Fiz Brown's prison inmate. Fiz discovers Ruth is using her baby to smuggle drugs into the prison and later tells the governor. Ruth is moved out of her cell in the mother and baby unit and she attacks Fiz. Ruth continues to harass Fiz, until Fiz warns her to back off and informs her that her boyfriend, Leon Southam, is back in prison.
Leon Southam 18 August–2 September Colin Parry Leon goes to visit his girlfriend, Ruth Walsh, in prison. He is later kidnapped by Tyrone Dobbs, Tommy Duckworth and Kirk Sutherland, who try to blackmail him. They lock him in a former butcher's shop and Leon is later returned to prison.
Jennifer Lingwood 16 September 7693-7695 Lisa Bowerman Jennifer is Carla Connor's solicitor who advises her on the state of her Underworld business, with Frank Foster.
Stacey 17 October Candy McCulloh Rosie Webster's modelling rival.
Jenny 14 November Elize du Toit[85] Jenny is Matt Carter's ex-girlfriend. She attends a dinner with Matt and his girlfriend, Tina McIntyre. Jenny and Tina do not get on well. Some unofficial sources listed the character's name as "Jenny Eclaire",[85] but the surname was not confirmed in the episode or in any official source.


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