Kat Farrell

Kat Farrell

Kat Farrell
Art by Jim Cheung
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Deadline #1
Created by Bill Rosemann
In-story information
Full name Katherine 'Kat' Farrell
Team affiliations The Pulse
Daily Bugle
Supporting character of Young Avengers

Kat Farrell is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character usually appears in comic books featuring Avengers-related characters in New York City.

Fictional character biography

She is a top reporter for the Daily Bugle. Along with Ben Urich, she is in charge of the The Pulse, the section of the Daily Bugle which focuses on superheroes.

Her first appearance in the 2002 limited series Deadline featured her adventures as a reporter for the Daily Bugle. Kat was initially interested in reporting on 'real' heroes, such as police officers and firefighters. She did not like being forced to cover superheroes, or as she derogatorily referred to them, 'Capes'.

Following six supervillain homicides, Kat is led to murdered judge Michael Hart, who presided solely over superhero crimes. Hart's wife had also been murdered. The police suspect that it was a double homicide or Hart had killed his wife first. Kat discovers that Hart had been murdered by the Tinkerer. He had returned, though, with supernatural powers. Paul Swanson, fellow reporter, breaks into her apartment and kills her fish in an attempt to scare her off the case. Undeterred, she nevertheless decides to drop the story anyway, to protect Hart.

Kat also participates in the investigation of fellow journalist Teri Kidder's death.

She was the first to interview Luke Cage when he brought the villain, the Green Goblin AKA Norman Osborn, to justice.

Other versions

In The Pulse #10, Kat's life, like most of earth, has been changed by House Of M reality alteration.[1] She wants to write the truth but meets resistance because the ruling mutant class controls the newspapers. Ben Urich even encourages her to toe the line. She meets one of the few people who know about the true reality, Hawkeye. Angry enough to even seemingly assault her (he traps her with carefully placed arrows that pierce clothing), he soon reveals many things. In the true reality he is dead, killed by the woman who created House of M. Many signs of mutant repression are interpreted visually in different ways by Hawkeye. For example, what Kat sees in one newspaper article is not the words and pictures Hawkeye sees.


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