Kashinawa language

Not to be confused with Tarauacá Kashinawa language.
Kashinawa of the Ibuaçu River
Native to Peru, Brazil
Ethnicity Kaxinawá people
Native speakers
1,200 (2003–2007)[1]
  • Mainline Panoan

    • Nawa
      • Headwaters
        • Kashinawa
Language codes
ISO 639-3 cbs
Glottolog cash1254[2]

Kashinawa (also spelled Kaxinawá, Kashinawa, Kaxynawa, Caxinawa, and Caxinawá), or Hantxa Kuin, Huni Kui, is an indigenous American language of western South America which belongs to the Panoan language family. It is spoken by about 1,600 Kaxinawá in Peru, along the Curanja and the Purus Rivers, and in Brazil by 400 Kaxinawá in the state of Acre.

About five to ten percent of speakers have some Spanish language proficiency,[3] while forty percent are literate and twenty to thirty percent are literate in Spanish as a second language.

Dialects are Brazilian Kashinawa, Peruvian Kashinawa, and the extinct Juruá Kapanawa (Capanahua of the Juruá River) and Paranawa.



Front Central Back
Oral i /i/ e /ɨ/ u /u~ʊ~o/
Nasal ĩ /ĩ/ /ɨ̃/ ũ /ũ~õ/
Oral a /ɑ/
Nasal ã /ã/


Consonants  Labial  Alveolar  Retroflex  Palatal  Velar  Glottal 
Stop  p /p/
b /b/
t /t/
d /d/
    k /k/ /ʔ/
Fricative    s /s/ x/shr /ʂ/ x/sh /ʃ/   j/h /ɨ/
Affricates    ts /t͡s/   ch/t͡ʃ/    
Nasal  m /m/ n /n/      
Approximant  v/w /w~β/     y /j/    


A dictionary has been compiled and published since 1980.


The Roman alphabet is used. Generatives come before nouns. There is an interrogative punctuation mark different from the question mark.


Articles and adjectives are placed after nouns. There are seven prefixes and five suffixes.


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