Kartuli Pilmi

Kartuli Pilmi
ქართული ფილმი
Industry Motion pictures
Founded 1921
Headquarters Tbilisi, Georgia
Key people
Rezo Chkheidze (Chairman)
Products Motion pictures
Television programs
Number of employees
Website www.georgianfilm.ge

Kartuli Pilmi (Georgian: ქართული ფილმი Georgian Film; Russian: Грузия-фильм) is one of world's oldest film studios that has produced 800 feature, made-for-TV and short films, 600 documentaries, and 300 animation movies. During Soviet times, the studio was one of the most active places for film production. Having grown organically from the merger of several film production companies that operated in the beginning of the twentieth century in Tbilisi, the studio had been renamed several times before becoming Georgian Film (Gruziya-Film in Russian) in 1953. Sitting on 9.75 hectares (24 acres) of prime land in Tbilisi, Georgian Film Studios offers several sound stages, recording and editing facilities, various production services, modern equipment and professional crews. Georgian Film was founded in 1921 [1]


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