Karen Mayne

Sen. Karen Mayne
Member of the Utah Senate
from the 5th district
Assumed office
Personal details
Born Salt Lake City, Utah
Political party Democratic Party
Spouse(s) Ed Mayne, widowed
Children 2
Residence West Valley City, Utah
Alma mater Henagers Business College
Occupation paraeducator

Karen Mayne is a Democratic member of the Utah Senate, who has represented the 5th District (map) in West Valley City since her appointment in 2008. She is the widow of former State Senator Ed Mayne.

Early life, education, and career

Mayne is a graduate of Chamber West Leadership Center and attended Henagers Business College.[1] She worked for 20 years as a Granite School District Para-educator and is retired from that position.[1] Throughout her career as a Para-educator, she won the Para-educator of the Year, the American Federation of Teachers, the Lucy Beth Rampton Award for Community Service, and the Service to Community Award.[1] Karen is the mother of two children, Paul (Jana) and Jamie (Trevor), and a grandmother of six grandchildren.[1] Mayne is a lifelong resident of the West side of Salt Lake Valley.[1]

Political career

Before her position as Senator, Mayne was active in PTA, local baseball and football organizations, and numerous political and community activities.[1] Her political career has included positions in the following organizations:


Upon Senator Ed Mayne's death (Karen Mayne's husband) in 2007, Mayne was appointed to his senate seat. Since then, she has been elected in 2008 and 2010 as a Democrat.[1] In 2014, she served as the Assistant Minority Whip, and beginning in 2015 she has served as the Senate Minority Whip.[1]

In 2016, Mayne served on the following committees:


During her service as Senator, Mayne has won a number of awards, including the Elenor Roosevelt Distinguished Woman of the Year Award,[3] Legislator of the Year Award From Salt Lake Community College, Utah School Nurse Association Appreciation Award, “Hero on the Hill,” from the Legislative Coalition for People with Disabilities, Firefighters’ Legislator of the Year, Workers Compensation Fund President’s Award, the Sunshine Award (given for protection of free speech and open government), Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce’s Business Champion of 2013, and the Award of Excellence in Workplace Safety and Health presented by the Rocky Mountain Center.[1]

Election results

In 2014 Mayne was unopposed in the primary. During the general election she had a challenger who dropped out before the election and won unopposed. [4]


Utah State Senate election Dis. 5, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Jonathan Fidler 6,641 32.7
Democratic Karen Mayne 13,676 67.3


Utah State Senate election Dis. 5, 2010
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Republican Samuel Fidler 4,705 38
Democratic Karen Mayne 8,492 62



2016 sponsored bills

Bill Number and Title Status of Bill
S.B. 12 Passenger Carrier Requirements Governor Signed 3/28/2016
S.B. 33 Occupational Safety and Health Amendments Governor Signed 3/18/2016
S.B. 34 Sewer Lateral Disclosures Governor Signed 3/25/2016
S.B. 36 Post Retirement Employment Exceptions Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 42 Public Notice of Court Recording Governor Signed 3/21/2016
S.B. 47 College Credit for Public Safety Officers Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 57 Public Safety Emergency Management Amendments Governor Signed 3/28/2016
S.B. 76 Workers Compensation for Volunteers Governor Signed 3/15/2016
S.B. 83 Alcohol Beverage Control Budget Senate/Filed for bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 84 Alcoholic Beverage Control Facilitator Act Senate/Filed for Bills not passed 3/10/2016
S.B. 123 Office of Licensing Amendments Governor Signed 3/28/2016
S.B. 127 Labor Commission Amendments Governor Signed 3/23/2016
S.B. 138 Health Insurance Coverage for Emergency Care Governor Signed 3/25/2016
S.B. 150 Metro Township Amendments Governor Signed 3/22/2016
S.B. 190 Open and Public Meetings Law Revisions Governor Signed 3/18/2016
S.B. 197 Resale of Procurement Item Amendments Governor Signed 3/22/2016
S.B. 216 Workers Compensation Related Amendments Governor Signed 3/23/2016
S.J.R. 10 Joint Resolution on Education for Law Enforcement Professionals Governor Signed 2/23/2016


Notable legislation

In 2014, Senator Mayne dponsored S.B. 36 which only allows certain groups, such as political parties and health care providers, to access voter birth dates. It also restricts their use of that information for verifying identities or political purposes, such as urging support for a candidate. The Governor signed this bill into law. [7] In 2016 Senator Mayne sponsored a bill, which will create a feasibility study to determine how postal service workers can be utilized to aid with emergency response efforts. This bill was supported by Representative Jason Chaffetz as part of his effort to make the postal service more universal.



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