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Coordinates: 41°6′13″N 30°41′37″E / 41.10361°N 30.69361°E / 41.10361; 30.69361Coordinates: 41°6′13″N 30°41′37″E / 41.10361°N 30.69361°E / 41.10361; 30.69361
Country  Turkey
Province Sakarya
  Mayor İbrahim ALTUNSOY (AKP)
  Kaymakam Murat Duru
  District 481.69 km2 (185.98 sq mi)
Population (2012)[2]
  Urban 30,746
  District 54,434
  District density 110/km2 (290/sq mi)
Post code 54500
Climate Cfb
Website www.sakaryakarasu.bel.tr
Karssu district in Sakarya Province.

Karasu is a town in Sakarya Province, northwestern Turkey, on the Black Sea coast. It has an overwinter population of around 30,746, which increases in the summer due to tourism. Much of its commerce centers on hazelnut farming and tourism.

The Acarlar Floodplain Forest is located partly in Karasu.[3]


Historically, Karasu has produced zinc and lead, which they started mining in 1898. When World War I started, production in the area declined.[4]


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