Karabash Reservoir

Karabash Reservoir
Location Tatarstan
Coordinates 54°41′55″N 52°39′58″E / 54.69861°N 52.66611°E / 54.69861; 52.66611Coordinates: 54°41′55″N 52°39′58″E / 54.69861°N 52.66611°E / 54.69861; 52.66611
Type reservoir
Basin countries Russia
Max. length 8.7 km
Surface area 7.31 km²
Average depth 7.2 m
Water volume 52,300,000 m3 (1.85×109 cu ft)
Settlements Karabash, Tatarstan

Karabash Reservoir (Russian: Карабашское водохранилище, Tatar: Cyrillic Карабаш сусаклагычы, Latin Qarabaş susaqlağıçı) is a reservoir of the upper Zay River near Karabash, Tatarstan, Russian Federation. It was filled in 1957 for the local oil and other industry needs. It has surface area 7.31 km², a length 8.7 km, mean depth 7.2 m and a volume 52.3 million cubic meters.

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