Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League

Kansas-Oklahoma-Missouri League
Sport Minor League Baseball (Class D)
Founded 1946
Ceased 1952
No. of teams 9
Country USA
Most titles 3 : Ponca City Dodgers (1948, 1950-1951)

The Kansas–Oklahoma–Missouri League (or KOM League) was a name of an American minor league baseball league which was established in 1946. It existed for seven seasons (1946-1952) as a Class D League. Baseball Hall of Fame Inductee Mickey Mantle played in the league for the Independence Yankees in 1949, hitting .313 with 7 HR, 63 RBI.[1]


Year by Year

The League and all of its member teams were created. Teams were formed in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, Carthage, Missouri, Chanute, Kansas, Iola, Kansas, Miami, Oklahoma, and Pittsburg, Kansas.

Chanute OwlsTopeka, Kansas Owls68-53
Miami BluesBrooklyn Dodgers *69-54
Iola Cubs Chicago Cubs63-57
Pittsburg Browns St. Louis Browns61-59
Carthage Cardinals St. Louis Cardinals54-66
Bartlesville Oilers Pittsburgh Pirates47-73

Chanute beat Pittsburg by 3 games to 2 in the first round of the playoffs. Iola beat Miami by the same number. The championship series between Chanute and Iola ended tied at three games apiece, although Chanute won 4 games. A dispute arose between the Chanute and Iola club officials regarding Chanute selecting Dave Dennis from the Miami club for the playoffs. Although Iola owner Earl Sifers originally agreed to the arrangement he later changed his mind. By the time the dispute was settled it was too late in the fall, young men had to go back to school, the rodeo took over the ball park playing area and then the rains came.

Teams from Independence, Kansas and Ponca City, Oklahoma joined.

Miami Owls Topeka, Topeka, Kansas Owls76-49
Iola CubsChicago Cubs69-54
Pittsburg BrownsSt. Louis Browns69-54
Bartlesville OilersPittsburgh Pirates68-56
Carthage CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals66-59
Ponca City DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers61-67
Chanute Athletics Independent44-80
Independence Yankees New York Yankees41-80

Miami beats Bartlesville in the first round of the playoffs 3 games to 1. Iola beat Pittsburgh by the same number. Miami won the championship over Iola, 4 games to 1.


Ponca City DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers79-47
Independence YankeesNew York Yankees74-46
Bartlesville PiratesPittsburgh Pirates71-52
Pittsburg BrownsSt. Louis Browns60-60
Miami Owls Topeka, Kansas Owls58-66
Carthage CardinalsSt. Louis Cardinals51-67
Iola Indians Working agreement with Cleveland51-72
Chanute Giants New York Giants44-78

The Independence Yankees defeated Pittsburg Browns 4 games to 1.


Independence YankeesNew York Yankees71-53
Bartlesville PiratesPittsburgh Pirates71-55
Iola IndiansCleveland Indians70-55
Ponca City DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers66-59
Chanute Athletics Independent65-60
Carthage CubsChicago Cubs62-64
Miami Owls Topeka, Kansas Owls56-69
Pittsburg BrownsSt. Louis Browns39-85

Independence beat Ponca City 3 games to 1 in the first playoff round. Iola beat Bartlesville by the same number. Independence beat Iola three games to none for the championship.


Ponca City DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers80-42
Bartlesville PiratesPittsburgh Pirates73-48
Carthage CubsChicago Cubs75-50
Pittsburg BrownsSt. Louis Browns71-52
Miami Eagles Independent62-60
Independence YankeesNew York Yankees60-66
Iola Indians Independent35-84
Chanute Athletics Independent35-89

Ponca City beats Pittsburgh 3 games to 2 in the first round of playoffs. Bartlesville beat Carthage 3 games to one. Ponca City won the championship, defeating Bartlesville 3 games to 1.

The teams in Chanute and Independence folded.

Ponca City DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers85-39
Bartlesville PiratesPittsburgh Pirates77-45
Miami Eagles Independent67-55
Carthage CubsChicago Cubs60-65
Pittsburg BrownsSt. Louis Browns41-80
Iola Indians Independent38-84

Carthage beat Ponca City 3 games to 2 in the first round. Miami beat Bartlesville 3 games to 1. Carthage beat Miami for the championship, winning the series 3 games to none.

The Carthage Cubs moved to Blackwell, Oklahoma. The Pittsburg Brownies moved to Independence, Kansas. The Bartlesville Pirates moved to the now-vacant Pittsburg on July 7.

Iola Indians Independent79-47
Miami EaglesPhiladelphia Phillies67-57
Ponca City DodgersBrooklyn Dodgers68-58
Bartlesville Pirates/Pittsburg, Kansas. Pirates Pittsburgh Pirates59-65
Blackwell Broncos Chicago Cubs57-69
Independence Browns St. Louis Browns46-80

Miami and Ponca City started a playoff series, with Miami winning both games. Then all the teams, and the league itself, folded.


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