Kalpi (fruit)

Kalpi (Citrus x webberii) is a natural citrus hybrid native to Philippines and is today one of the most common lemons in Hawaii, and is sometimes called Malayan lemon.[1][2]


Genetically, Kalpi belongs to the Citrus subg. Papeda. It looks somewhat like the common Philippine mandarin orange and the native citrus macroptera.

It is named Webberii after Herbert John Webber, by his disciple, abbreviation author Peter Jansen Wester. The common name Kalpi is from the Bicolano dialect.[3]

Kalpi grows in Luzon and Mindanao.[3]


The handsome tree is medium-sized, 5 to 10 meters tall. The acidic fruit is very juicy; they are used like lemons. Size is variable, depressed and globose, with 9 to 11 segments and very thin skin, yellowish when ripe.[3]


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