Kaleidoscope at the Hub

Kaleidoscope at the Hub
Location Des Moines, Iowa, United States
Opening date 1985
Owner EMC Insurance
No. of stores and services 30+
Total retail floor area 246,682 Sq. Feet
No. of floors Three

Kaleidoscope at the Hub is an indoor mall in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. It is patronized by many of the more than 70,000 workers in the business district who visit the food courts during lunch hour and shop at the stores. The Hub is accessible from the skywalk or from the ground level. It is in close proximity to many Des Moines attractions including the East Village and Wells Fargo Arena.


Many people who work downtown frequent the restaurants at the Hub. These include but are not limited to, AJ's Popcorn, Burger King, Bruegger's, Maid-Rite, Palmer's Deli and Market, Panda Express, and Subway. Additionally, for the last few years several establishments have proposed the idea of creating a year-long market inside the Hub. Hoping to build on the success of the farmers' market and revitalize the aging shopping venue, the market could open as early as 2017.

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