Kaleidoscope (organisation)

Industry Television and radio research
Founded 1987 (1987)
Headquarters Birmingham, West Midlands, England



Revenue Nonprofit
Website www.kaleidoscope.org.uk

Kaleidoscope (The Classic Television Organisation), is a nonprofit organisation that recovers and stores classic television programmes in their archive. In the past the organisation has staged television festivals in the West Midlands area, having release numerous television research guides.[1] Proceeds from such events are donated to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.[2][3]


Kaleidoscope was formed in 1988 by television enthusiasts to show appreciation and to research vintage television shows. In late 2013 ten year after Bob Monkhouse passed away a large number of television and radio programmes were donated to Kaleidoscope from Bob Monkhouse's archive.[4]

In 1993 along with the British Film Institute Kaleidoscope have been running a campaign called Missing, Believed Wiped (sometimes called: Raiders of the Lost Archive).[5][6][7][8] The campaign has led to numerous episodes being recovered from Steptoe and Son, Dad's Army, a Dennis Potter and more than sixty classics BBC or ITV programmes from 1957 to 1969 in the Library of Congress[5][6]

The organisation was also featured in a 2015 edition of BBC television programme Inside Out were they explain about missing television.[1]

Notable recoveries


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