Kaleidoscope (UK radio series)

Kaleidoscope was a BBC Radio 4 arts programme which began in 1973. It ended with the major schedule changes that occurred in April 1998, when it was replaced by Front Row.


When originally launched on 9 April 1973, in a re-organisation of the schedules, it was intended to cover the arts and sciences in equal measure, but soon dropped its science coverage. The Radio 4 controller was Tony Whitby.


It started out being broadcast from 10.30pm until 11pm each weekday night. It was initially followed by fifteen minutes of Today in Parliament. Early presenters were alternately Kenneth Robinson and Brian J. Ford. It ran in a variety of slots over the years, including mid-evening, in the lead up to the 10pm news (allowing it to include live reviews of first nights) and in mid-afternoon (the latter starting out as a repeat of the previous night's edition). It was broadcast from Monday to Friday, finishing in the late 1990s from 4.15pm until 5pm. A reprise of the highlights was broadcast on Saturday afternoons as Kaleidoscope Omnibus.


Presenters included:

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