Kagerou (band)

Origin Tokyo, Japan
Years active 1999–2007
Associated acts
  • The Studs
  • Boogieman
  • Guiche
  • Daisuke to Kuro no Injatachi
Past members Masaya

Kagerou (蜉蝣 Kagerō) was a Japanese visual kei[1] rock band, formed in September 1999 by vocalist Daisuke and bassist Masaya, with guitarist Yuana joining shortly afterward. In 2000 Kagerou left their record label Loop Ash to sign with Lizard, a sub-label of Free-Will. After experiencing success within Japan, the band set their sights abroad and in 2005 they played in both Germany and France.


At their live on September 16, 2006, at Liquid Room Ebisu, Kagerou announced that they would disband. Member comments on their official website stated that their last live would take place on January 8, 2007 at Zepp Tokyo. On December 27, 2006 they released a final greatest hits album entitled Shinjuka.

Upon releasing their first single in June 2010 and the second in July, Daisuke's solo project, "Daisuke to Kuro no Injatachi", was due to release an album and follow it with a tour in Europe and the US. However, Daisuke died on July 15, 2010.[2]

Daisuke to Kuro no Injatachi then released an album on February 20, 2011. Composed of unfinished works by Daisuke, it was entitled Shikkoku no Hikari (漆黒の光, "Black Light"). It features Shizûmi, Yuana, Kazu, aie (ex:Deadman, The Studs), Kyo (Dir en grey), Tatsurou (MUCC), Karyu (ex: D'espairsRay, Angelo) and members of Merry, 12012, Kannivalism and Boogieman.[3][4]


Kagerou was a visual kei band that played music ranging from metal to ballads. Early on their look consisted of costumes and makeup, but later on in their career they began to wear simple suits and refrained from wearing makeup.

Band name

Kagerou means "mayfly" in the Japanese language. Mayflies can be as old as three years. However, when mayflies reach their adulthood, their life span varies from two hours to three days. The short lifespan of a mayfly was thought to be symbolic of vocalist Daisuke. He suffered heart problems since infancy and knowing that his heart could stop any day the band was named Kagerou in honor of him.


Daisuke (大佑) – vocals – Daisuke penned all the lyrics for Kagerou and was renowned for his unique vocal styles and impressive range. His previous bands included Le'Cheri and Fatima, in which he was the drummer. Aside from drums, he also played the piano. Daisuke was known for his audience interaction such as stage diving and was commonly nicknamed 'charisma vocalist' despite his small stature. Following the dissolution of Kagerou in 2007, Daisuke formed The Studs with aie (ex:Deadman). After they went on activity pause, he created his solo project, Daisuke to Kuro no Injatachi. Daisuke died on July 15, 2010. Despite speculation of possible suicide or heart attack the cause of death is unknown.

Yuana (ユアナ) – guitars – Yuana wrote the majority of the band's songs. His past bands include Sweet Hallucination, and Alicia where he was known as "Ewana". He is currently the guitarist of Boogieman.

Kazu – bass – Kazu's past bands include Research, in which he played under the name "Kazunori", and Aioria.

Shizûmi (静海) – drums and percussion – Shizumi's past bands are Mitre Cure and Melusine.

Past members

Masaya – bass – He left in 2000 and joined Kar'Maria. He then retired and left the music industry.

Kuya – bass – Kuya joined Kagerou in January, 2001 and subsequently left in August to join Guiche.


Daisuke, Yuana, and Masaya

Demo tapes


Daisuke, Yuana, Masaya, and Shizûmi

Compilation and distributed

Daisuke, Yuana, Kuya, and Shizûmi



Daisuke, Yuana, kazu, and Shizûmi





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